Marli Chrome Bottle Trap

Marli Bottle Trap – ABI has worked hard to create a minimalistic & plumber friendly bottle trap. With vertical and depth adjustment the Marli Bottle Trap ensures that any onsite differences are easily accounted for. Marli is finished with ABI’s Heat Shield – Advanced Electroplating Application (AEA) to ensure long life & durability. Easy installation and standard thread size.

Marli has been designed to achieve a modern minimalist look yet extremely easy to install. Marli comes with extended piping both vertically and horizontally which is cut to size depending on setbacks from the wall or height from the basin sink. This ensures an effortless installation process and is builder friendly during setout stage.

The Marli Bottle Trap Round is compatible with our Avi Pop Up Wastes (sold seperately). See our collection here:

*Please note that the Marli Round Bottle Trap comes with a 32mm adaptor