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Our appealing range of spouts will enhance your bathroom space.

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Spouts provide a harmonious water flow with their curved design. 

They can either be wall-mounted or bench-mounted and can enhance the aesthetics of your interiors.  

Our Spouts Range

Our range of spouts provides a superior alternative to conventional tapware. 

They are available in various finishes to ensure colour consistency with your other fixtures. 


Wall-Mounted Spouts 

Ideal for your basin sink or bath, we have wall-mounted spouts in vintage and modern designs. We also range an array of mini wall-mounted spouts for smaller-sized basins in powder rooms. 


Swivel Wall-Mounted Spouts 

Our gooseneck wall-mounted spouts are adjustable to provide free access to your bathtub and bathroom or laundry sink. 


Mini Hob Spouts 


We offer compact mini hob spouts for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. 


Outdoor Spouts 

Constructed from 316 stainless steel, our range of outdoor spouts has been designed specifically for external environments. This provides resistance to rust and corrosion.  


Sensor Spouts 


We also range sensor spouts that uphold hygiene and reduce water consumption for homes and commercial spaces. 



Spouts FAQs

Can spouts be used externally?

While our warranty wouldn’t cover our conventional spout range, we do range outdoor spouts specifically for external environments.

How would you recommend cleaning spouts?

We recommend you regularly clean your spouts with mild liquid detergent or soap, and water. Don’t use cream cleansers or bleach as these substances are abrasive. Also, please avoid cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces as this may scratch the material.

Assistance with choosing Spouts

For assistance in buying spouts online, contact our team. Questions can also be addressed via email to

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