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Our range of in-wall cisterns are perfect for the modern home.

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Cisterns are an essential component of the modern bathroom or powder room. They are ultimately a tank that is used to store the water that functions as part of a flushing toilet. 

Contemporary cisterns are sophisticated and should offer the option of either an in-wall cistern or a wall-hung toilet cistern (both are concealed cisterns), that is compatible with a floor-mounted or wall-hung toilet pan respectively. There are also the more conventional back-to-wall toilet cisterns that are not hidden toilet cisterns.

Modern cisterns usually have a water-saving dual flush system, whereby you can choose from either a full or half-flush system that can be selected via the toilet flush buttons. 

Our Cisterns Range

ABI currently offers two types of toilet cisterns that are dependent on your particular toilet pan. We range either a wall-mounted cistern for wall-hung toilet pans or an in-wall cistern for floor-mounted in-wall cistern toilets. Both designs are hidden toilet cisterns (concealed cisterns) behind the wall in your bathroom. They feature dual-flush options (and are therefore dual-flush cisterns) that enable complete control over your water usage.  

Our In-Wall Toilet Cistern is specially designed for our Zaaha Toilet Buttons or Delta Toilet Buttons and WELS-approved Asher floor-mounted pans. They are equally space-saving solutions that create a seamless integration with your toilet and come with the assurance of long-lasting durability. 

Please note: our cisterns are toilet cisterns only and do not come with the toilet pan or toilet flush buttons. In most cases, they are suitable as a replacement cistern or for a new installation. However, we recommend that your plumber checks the specifications and cross-references these with the pan.

Cisterns FAQs

What toilet pan can I use?

Our in-wall cisterns are specially designed for the Asher Wall-Hung Toilet Pans. They help to create a seamless integration with your toilet or bathroom space. 

Do your cisterns work with any other toilet buttons?

Our cisterns are compatible with both our Zaaha Toilet Buttons and our Delta Toilet Buttons. 

What is the difference between your in-wall cistern and the wall-hung cistern?

Both our In-Wall Cistern (or hidden toilet cistern) and Wall-Hung Cistern neatly hide the casing behind your bathroom wall for a seamless look. Their minimalist aesthetic is considered a more hygienic and easier to clean solution. The difference is that the In-Wall Cistern is suitable for a toilet pan that is floor-mounted, whereas the Wall-Hung Cistern is suitable for a toilet pan that is wall-hung. 

Can I use your Zaaha Buttons with any cistern? 

Please note both our Zaaha Toilet Buttons and the Delta Toilet Buttons have been designed to be used with ABI cisterns only. Only the toilet button covers are included with these purchases. You will have to purchase a cistern separately.

Assistance with choosing Cisterns

If you would like help with choosing the correct toilet cistern (or in-wall cistern) for your requirements please get in touch with our friendly team here, who will be more than happy to assist you. 

Address any questions via email to:

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