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Black Sinks

Our range of black sinks will add distinction to your kitchen or laundry space.

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A black sink in your kitchen commands attention. Its monochromatic tone introduces a striking focal point into your space. 

Black sinks are stylish, sophisticated, and functional.

Our Black Sinks Range

We range black undermount sinks in three sizes to suit your kitchen or laundry needs. These can be either top or under-mounted and are highly resourceful for everyday use. 

Instantly smartening up your space, our black sinks have impressive durability with stain, scratch, heat, and impact resistance to ensure they remain an exceptional fixture in your home for many years.

Black Sinks FAQs

Can black sinks be under-mounted?

Yes, our black kitchen sinks or black laundry sinks can be top-mounted or under-mounted, depending on personal preference. 

What can I use to clean my black sink?

It is advised to clean any marks or stains as soon as they occur. Please clean with warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth. This will remove most markings, otherwise, you may use a cream-based cleanser. Granite is easy to maintain using natural cleaning products. Please do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaners. This includes bleach and bleaching agents, ammonium and ammonium agents, any highly acidic cleaners and any alcohol and mineral-based solvents. Also, limit exposure to high levels of salt. If your black kitchen sink or black laundry sink comes into contact with any of these chemicals, rinse immediately with warm soapy water. Avoid scourers and rough brushes too. 

Are basket wastes included?

Basket wastes are not included. You must purchase them separately.

What is the construction of your black sinks?

Our black sinks are made from 80% granite quartz and 20% acrylic resin. This construction ensures high durability and resistance to stains, scratches, heat, and impact.

Assistance with choosing Black Sinks

Contact our team of experts to assist with your black sink purchase. You can email any enquiries to

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