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Shower and Floor Wastes

Our shower and floor wastes can seamlessly blend into your space.

Buy Floor Wastes and Shower Channel Drains Online  

Floor wastes (or tile insert floor wastes) and shower channel drains should provide a smart water drainage solution in your bathroom. Depending on personal preference, they can either blend seamlessly with your bathroom floor or enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Above all, stainless steel floor wastes should be effortlessly functional and come with exceptional durability.  

Our Tile Insert Floor Waste and Shower Channel Drain Range 

ABI’s range of floor wastes and shower channel drains (or linear floor wastes) have been designed to be beautifully integrated to enrich spaces.

Our Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste is an elegant fixture with a slimline design that blends into your floor tile. Its flush appearance and stainless steel construction would benefit any bathroom. It is available in four stunning finishes: brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and stainless steel.   

Please note that the insert measures 15mm. Therefore, the Pixi Tile Floor Waste is suitable for tiles between 10-12mm. However, this will vary depending on individual installation. 

To make a statement, we also range the Harper Brass Floor Waste with a laser-cut lid covering the brass body that permits water to drain efficiently. With a stainless steel construction for durability assurance, this tile floor waste is available in four finishes: brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and stainless steel (as a finish).

You can’t go wrong with the Pixi Round Tile Insert Floor Waste for a stylish yet smart circular tile floor waste. It is a tile floor waste that presents a modernised drainage system that complements your bathroom and comes in the aforementioned finishes. 

Please note it is recommended that you use the 110mm & 130mm Diamond Holesaw Set for installation. For further installation convenience, the PIXI’s Holesaw Set of 130mm and 110mm drill pieces are available for purchase here

A seamless shower channel drain like no other, the 900mm Pixi Tile Insert Shower Channel Waste has a smart design that blends into your floor design and provides superb strength and durability. It is reassuringly corrosion resistant and comes in four finishes that subtly enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom.

We also range the stainless steel Trey Shower Channel Waste that is available in the equivalent finishes. It is slightly larger than the Pixi at 80mm in diameter and will enhance your space with its bold frame, whichever finish is selected.

Tile Insert Floor Waste FAQs  

Are your smart tile floor wastes adjustable or customisable? 

Our floor wastes and shower channel drains have fixed structures that are not customisable. However, we range both square and circular smart tile floor wastes to suit individual preferences.

We also offer shower channels, which can either blend into your space seamlessly, like the Pixi Tile Insert Shower Channel, or can become an aesthetically enriching fixture, like the Trey Shower Channel

Can you remove the tile/cover plate of the tile insert shower grate to clean underneath? 

You can remove the tray piece to enable you to clean the tile floor wastes; however, you can’t remove the tile from the tray.

Please check our guide on how best to clean and maintain stainless steel. 

How thick does the insert tile need to be for the Pixi Tile Floor Waste?  

Please note that the Pixi Tile Floor Waste insert measures 15mm. Therefore, this floor waste is suitable for tiles between 10-12mm. However, this will vary depending on individual installation.

Assistance With Purchasing Floor Wastes

If you need help choosing your floor waste or shower channel drain (or shower floor waste), then get in touch with our friendly team. Reach out with any questions directly to

If you need help with reshaping the aesthetics of your bathroom, why not book a free design consultation here.

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