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Kitchen Sinks & Laundry Sinks

We have a large selection of kitchen sinks and laundry sinks that are available in a range of different shapes and finishes to transform your space.

Buy Kitchen & Laundry Sinks

Kitchens and laundries benefit greatly from installing a practical and attractive sink. They are the essential core to any kitchen, and we offer a versatile range of kitchen sink designs and laundry sinks to enhance your home’s elegance and sophistication. 

Whether you’re after simplicity or something more distinct, our range of kitchen and laundry sinks suit a broad range of tastes and requirements.

We deliver our laundry and kitchen sinks across New Zealand.

Our Laundry and Kitchen Sinks Range

From practical deep kitchen sinks to round sinks and square sinks that make a bold statement (all with the option to top-mount or under-mount), you are guaranteed to find a sink that suits your preferences. 

Double Sinks

The Vita Sink is a double kitchen sink that is inspired by our Zalo but is instead characterised by a smaller second sink. It is also fitted with ABI’s WaterSense cushioning system that dampens the sound of water impact during use. It’s a large kitchen sink perfect for more expansive spaces.

The Ontario is a double-bowl stainless steel sink that is characterised by its extended draining tray. It comes complete with two matching sink wastes and sink protector racks. It is one of the most popular kitchen sinks in our extensive range.

The Zalo Double Kitchen Sink has been designed to make an impact on your kitchen. Its careful hand-welding and folded drainage points limit build-up for easy cleaning.

Single Sinks

The Ohelu sink is a handmade single-bowl stainless steel sink, featuring the WaterSense cushioning system. It comes in four finishes that include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and stainless steel.

The Jai Single Kitchen Sink has been inspired by our Seba. The difference is that it comes with an additional draining tray compartment.

One of our most popular square kitchen sinks, the Seba is ideal due to its single bowl that integrates folded drainage points into the design. It can be both top-mounted and under-mounted.

Black Sinks

Outstanding scratch and heat resistance define our black granite Vera sinks.  Vera is available as either a single kitchen sink, double kitchen sink, or a round kitchen sink, which can also be used as a round laundry sink designed with versatility and durability. The organic shape and minimalist design of our black sinks will enhance the look of your spaces perfectly.

Farmhouse Sinks

The Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink has a traditional country-style look and offers extensive functionality due to its size and impressive capacity. This style is also available in a single-bowl option, with the Henley Single Fluted Farmhouse Sink.

The hand-welded Belfast is also a popular farmhouse sink that features a full-depth front. It is fitted with ABI’s WaterSense cushioning system to dampen the sound of water impact during use.

Kitchen and Laundry Sink Colours

Apart from our black granite Vera kitchen sinks and the Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink, all of our kitchen and laundry sinks are available in our wider range of signature finishes. These include brushed brass sinks, brushed copper sinks, brushed gunmetal sinks, stainless steel sinks, black sinks, and white sinks.

Laundry and Kitchen Sinks FAQs

Can under-mount sinks be replaced?

One of the biggest concerns with an under-mount kitchen sink or an under-mount laundry sink is the ease with which they can be replaced. It can be done but it would be easier to replace a top-mount sink.

In any case, we recommend that you contact a professional tradesman for an assessment and to assess the installation. They would be able to advise you how easily your current under-mount sink can be replaced as the circumstances vary, and are dependent on how integrated the lip is with your cabinetry, for example.

Why do sinks clog?

The common reason for clogging sinks is the gradual build-up of the accumulated debris of dirt, pipe scale, fat, oil, grease, and other discarded food particles. All of this contributes to the reduction of water flow.

To help avoid clogging, you can purchase one of our easy to clean sink basket wastes that come in four unique finishes, including brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and stainless steel. They form part of our extensive kitchen accessories range.

Please ensure you take due care and attention by regularly cleaning your kitchen and laundry sinks to avoid any buildup and prevent clogging. 

Our laundry and kitchen sink cleaning tips:

  • Clean any marks or stains as soon as they occur with warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth or a cream-based cleanser.
  • Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaners, including bleach and bleaching agents like ammonium and ammonium agents, any highly acidic cleaners, or alcohol and mineral-based solvents. 
  • Try to limit exposure to high levels of salt.  
  • If your product comes into contact with any of these chemicals, rinse immediately with warm soapy water. 
  • Avoid scourers and rough brushes for cleaning and contact with sharp objects which could chip or scratch the surface. 
  • Do not put heat directly on the surface.

What are laundry sinks used for?

Laundry sinks (also known as kitchen and utility sinks, laundry tubs or laundry troughs) are large capacity sinks that are used for the cleaning or soaking of clothes, in addition to other household cleaning requirements, such as filling buckets for floor cleaning.

How deep are laundry sinks?

Our range of deep laundry sinks vary in depth from 200mm up to 250mm. Please find a breakdown of depth dimensions for our range of laundry tubs for sale below:

Why choose an ABI laundry sink and kitchen sink?

ABI’s range of large kitchen sinks and laundry room sinks have been designed to appeal to a broad range of stylistic preferences and to easily accommodate a variety of kitchen spaces. 

Our sinks are designed for easy installation and are fitted with ABI’s WaterSense cushioning system to dampen the sound of water during impact. They also come with the peace-of-mind assurance of a 25-year structural warranty and (apart from the black granite Vera sinks) a 5-year finish coating warranty.

What’s the difference between an under-mount sink vs. a top-mount sink?

An under-mount sink is installed underneath the stone for a more seamless kitchen worktop integration. Top-mount sinks have a lip on top of the benchtop, which means the lip edge is exposed above your kitchen sink unit.

For versatility, all our sinks can be either under-mounted or top-mounted depending on personal preference.

What is the best kitchen sink for a small kitchen?

If you have limited kitchen benchtop space available, the best kitchen sink will be a single-bowl option that can be under-mounted.

For example, the Ohelo , Jai, and Seba are popular small kitchen sink options, as well as being suitable for small laundries.

Do you sell kitchen sink accessories that will complement my kitchen or laundry sink?

Each of ABI’s stainless steel sinks include a matching basket waste and sink protector.

We also offer additional kitchen sink accessories that can be purchased to enhance the functionality of your home, including sink drainers and colanders. Please note that while the Penelope Sink Drainer is compatible with our stainless steel, granite, and ceramic sinks, the rest of our sink accessories are only suitable for stainless steel sinks.

Our other useful kitchen accessories include ice troughs, chopping boards, knife holders, and paper towel holders.

Assistance Selecting Kitchen and Laundry Sinks 

It is always recommended to get advice from a professional when deciding on a kitchen sink or laundry sink purchase as well as when installing a sink. Contact our sales team at for some friendly advice. You can also book a free kitchen design consultation.

In addition to our wide range of kitchen sinks and laundry sinks for sale, we also offer a large variety of other kitchen and laundry fittings and accessories. These include kitchen tapware, sink wastes, cabinetry pulls and knobs, and other laundry accessories.

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