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Shower Sets

We sell convenient all-in-one shower sets available in six alluring finishes to suit your bathroom space.

Buy Shower Sets Online in New Zealand

Sometimes you need the convenience of a complete shower set replacement without having to consider every single showering component. Our all-in-one shower head sets combine all your showering products in one easy purchase* to eliminate the need for additional components or wall installments. This bathroom shower set includes the shower diverter, shower head, shower arm, shower rail, and handheld shower component.

*Please note this shower head set does not include a mixer, you can purchase one separately from our shower mixer selection here.

Our Shower Rail Sets for Sale

Our range of streamlined Finley Shower Sets have a minimalist design that conveniently integrates the shower diverter. Functionality is assured with the easy turn of the diverter handle, enabling you to switch from the shower head to the hand held shower. The hand shower height is also easily adjustable and includes a swivel function to change the hand shower sitting position.

Providing a superior showering experience, our Finley Shower Sets are available in six unique finishes that include brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, chrome and matte black.


FAQS: Shower Rail Sets

How do I install my shower rail set?

Please ensure your bathroom shower rail set is correctly installed on the wall by a licensed tradesperson. An installation manual or specification sheet can be accessed online. This is listed under the ‘Product Documents’ tab on the relevant product page. 

How do I clean my bathroom shower set?

Regularly clean your shower rail set with mild liquid detergent or soap and water with a microfiber cloth. Do not use cream cleaners or bleach as these substances are abrasive and may scratch your material. Also, avoid using cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces. Read our comprehensive Care Guide for further information on cleaning your shower head set.

Can shower sets be installed externally?

ABI’s warranty does not cover external use of shower rail sets due to the coatings being put under much harsher conditions and UV light. However, the structural integrity would be fine.

Is a shower mixer included with the Finely Shower Set?

No, the mixer is not included as part of the shower set. You can purchase one separately from our shower mixer selection here.

Is this shower rail set top or bottom inlet?

Our Finley Shower Sets can be both top and bottom inlet. However, we recommend bottom inlet as it allows for more rail movement for handheld heads. Both installations can be found by consulting the product installation guide.

Help with choosing the right finish for your Shower Set

Can’t decide which finish to select for your shower set? Speak to our friendly team of experts who will help you decide which colour would be right for your particular space. Either meet them in-store or send an email to:


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