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Building Product Information

Manufacturer: Zhongshan SuZe Enkai Technology Company Limited

Importer: ABI interiors limited

Address for service: Level 19, 41 Shortland St | PO Box 119 | DX CP19014 | Auckland

Phone No.: (09) 801 0908

NZBN: 9429047787063

Statement on how ABI building product is expected to contribute to compliance:

B2 (Durability)
Please take note of the distinct warranty terms applicable to residential and commercial settings.
 As components of a plumbing system designed to provide cold, hot, or mixed water temperatures, these items find application in both residential and commercial structures where the delivery of cold, hot, or mixed water is necessary.

Should be installed in a way that allows for the replacement of less durable building elements without necessitating the removal of more durable elements that are not explicitly designed for removal and replacement.

Routine maintenance is generally unnecessary, except as part of regular usage. 
Please refer to cleaning guide Click here.

Warranty claims are infrequent and remain within the quality benchmarks set by ABI Interiors. Each claim is thoroughly investigated, and appropriate corrective or preventive measures are taken.

ABI Interiors products undergo Watermark certification endurance testing to substantiate their durability.
 Each product undergoes a strict, tailored procedure that identifies manufacturing defects, encompassing both human inspection and machine testing.

This can include:
1. Human inspection
2. Salt spray testing
3. Pressure testing
4. Abrasion testing
5. Colour spectral analysis
6. Weight-bearing test
7. Water-saving test
8. Longevity test
9. Material testing

G12 (Water Supplies)
ABI Interiors products incorporate components with diverse international product certifications, including Watermark certification, which entails undergoing "contamination of water" testing as per AS/NZS 4020 standards. In instances where products bear the Watermark, it signifies compliance with AS/NZS 4020.

ABI Interiors products allow reasonable access to components that may require maintenance. These spare parts can be purchased through ABI interiors website or through contacting our after sales team. Click here for Aftersales team details.

G1 Personal Hygiene
ABI Interiors products are sanitary fixture constructed and designed to be installed that facilitates sanitation.

G13 Foul Water
ABI Interiors toilet products serve a crucial element in a plumbing system, ensuring the prevention of foul air and gases from entering buildings

F2 Hazardous Building Materials
This product is constructed of materials that will not emit harmful concentrations of substances from exposed surfaces.

Limitations on the use of the building product: Please refer to product installation guide to limitation on building product use.

Example of product specifications:

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