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Farmhouse Sinks

An essential centrepiece to any kitchen, our large selection of farmhouse sinks remains functional and aesthetically pleasing to transform your kitchen or laundry space.

Buy Butler Sinks Online in New Zealand

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Farm sinks (aka butler sinks) combine practicality with a rustic character from a bygone era. Generously sized and deep-seated, these country style sinks are aesthetically appealing and provide extensive functionality in both kitchen and laundry spaces. Due to their generous constructions and striking designs, farm sinks are celebrated for their charm and individuality.

Our Range of Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks 

Along with our signature stainless steel sinks, we offer a range of unique kitchen and laundry sinks with an organic or farmhouse style appearance. Our hand-welded Belfast Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is an elegant and durable choice for those seeking a sleek, luxurious look. For a timeless country style appearance, consider our Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink.

Belfast Sinks 

The Belfast Farmhouse Sink is a deep-seated hand-welded apron sink with widened edges and a full-depth front. It is hand-welded using a 10mm radius weld for practical cleaning and drainage. The Belfast, (also known as a butcher sink) is fitted with ABI’s water-sense cushion system to dampen the sound of water impact during use. Belfast comes with the convenience of a matching sink waste and sink protector rack.

Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sinks 

Combining practicality with rustic character, the Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink is a spacious and timeless addition to your laundry or kitchen area. Celebrated for its handmade design, the Henley is a highly coveted double farmhouse sink that makes a superb centrepiece. This white farmhouse sink enhances the look of a rustic or traditional style home while providing extensive functionality. Please note that you will need to purchase

Please note that you will need to purchase a basket waste separately for this double butler sink.

Farmhouse Sink Colours

Our Belfast Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is available in three attractive finishes: brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal and can also be purchased as a stainless steel butler sink.

Our Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink is a ceramic white farmhouse sink.

Butler Sink FAQs

How deep are our farmhouse sinks?

Our Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse sinks are 250mm in depth, while all of our Belfast sinks have a depth of 229mm.

Why choose a farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks are a country-style sink that is all about practicality and strength of character in the kitchen or laundry space. Farm style sinks have a generously sized frontage that transforms it into an eye-catching feature while ensuring you have ample washing space. These country sinks would make an attractive statement in any kitchen or laundry particularly with their generous sized frontage.

How to install a butler sink?

Clean your farmhouse style sinks regularly using a natural cleaning solution with warm water. It is best to avoid using chemicals or abrasive cleaners. This includes bleach and bleaching agents, ammonium and ammonium agents, highly acidic cleaners, alcohol and mineral-based solvents.

You should also limit exposure to high levels of salt. If your farm sink comes into contact with any of these chemicals, rinse immediately with warm soapy water. Also, avoid scourers and rough brushes for cleaning. It is best to try and avoid contact with sharp objects which could chip or scratch the surface. We also advise not to put any heat directly on the surface.

Making your decision to purchase a Butler Sink

For advice on which country kitchen sink or farmhouse laundry sink would work in your space, our team are here to help. They can be contacted via email here: sales@abi-international.co.nz. You can also book a free kitchen design consultation here.

In addition to ceramic farmhouse sinks and stainless steel farmhouse sinks, we also offer a broad range of other kitchen fittings and accessories. These include kitchen tapware, sink wastes, cabinetry pulls and knobs, amongst a wide range of other kitchen accessories.

You could also adapt Farmhouse Sinks as part of a country style kitchen. Check out our blog on achieving the look here.

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