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Shower Arms & Droppers

Our range of shower arms and droppers combine impressive design and functionality with peace-of-mind durability.

Buy Shower Arms and Droppers in New Zealand

Providing elegance and superb functionality in your shower, shower arms can free up space in your bathroom. Shower droppers (also known as ceiling droppers) are mounted to the ceiling. They lower the height of the shower head to provide a classy look to your bathroom while minimising the need for additional components.

Our Shower Arms for Sale

To suit a variety of bathroom spaces and personal preferences, we offer three different shower arms that include shower goosenecks and shower head extension arms in various finishes. These long shower head arms all have superb functionality and peace-of-mind durability.

Phili Shower Arm

Made from solid brass, our Phili Shower Arm combines an elegant design with a streamline curvature. It is available in seven finishes that include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed nickel, brushed gunmetal, matte black, white, and conventional chrome.

Eden Shower Arm 

Available in brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed gunmetal, brushed copper, brushed nickel or matte black our Eden Shower Arm is a modern take on a gooseneck shower arm (or swan neck shower arm) design. Constructed from solid brass it has been specifically designed to increase the height space within your shower.

Our Ceiling Droppers for Sale

Nava Shower Dropper Round

 A soft curvature design helps to define our Nava Shower Dropper, which is available in seven finishes to suit a broad range of bathroom spaces. This shower arm perfectly complements our range of elegant Dana Round Shower Heads that are equally available in brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, matte black, white and chrome.

Nava Shower Dropper Extended

The Nava Shower Dropper Extended offers the perfect solution for bathrooms with taller ceilings. 600mm in length means you can enjoy the luxury of a rain shower without compromising on space. This shower arm is available in brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed gunmetal, and matte black.

FAQS: Shower Arms & Droppers

Are shower arms universal?

Our shower arms and shower ceiling arms use a universal thread system; therefore they are fully compatible with all ABI products and Australian plumbing fittings.

A shower arm is mounted to the wall to offset the shower head from the wall. We recommend a 400mm arm as this is considered the standard length for all shower arm and showerhead combinations.

Do all your shower arms have the same dimensions?

Please find a breakdown of all of our shower arm dimensions below:

Phili Shower Arms:

Backplate diameter: 60mm
Arm reach: 400mm.

Eden Shower Arms:

Backplate diameter: 54mm
Arm reach: 378mm.

Height: 408mm

Are all shower arms removable?

While most shower arms are removable, your new shower arm should be installed by a licensed and registered tradesperson.

How to change shower arms

Our specification sheet includes installation instructions. This is listed under the ‘Product Documents’ tab on the relevant product page. However, this should be installed by a licensed and registered tradesperson.

How do I clean and care for my shower arms or droppers?

Regularly clean your shower arms or ceiling droppers with a mild detergent or soap and water. Do not use cream cleaners or bleach. These substances are abrasive. Do not use cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces as this may scratch the finish and void your warranty. Please read our complete Care Guide. 

Help With Selecting the Right Shower Arm Extension or Dropper

To enable you to gain complete confidence in selecting the right wall shower arm or dropper for your space, speak to our team of professionals. You could also email through any queries regarding shower head arms or droppers here:

To ensure you have all the components required for your complete shower set check out our Shower Checklist.

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