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Shower Components Guide

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When choosing the perfect combination for your shower, it's important to determine what your requirements and preferences may be. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit your individual needs and to assist in creating your dream shower space.

Shower Diverter

This component is used to divert the water flow between two water outlets (for example, a rain shower head and handheld shower).


Please note: this is not required for our full shower rail set as the diverter is already included on the rail. An alternative to choosing a shower diverter is to have two separate mixers — one for each shower outlet (e.g. rain shower and handheld shower).

Shower Mixer or Assembly Tap Set (hot and cold set)

The mixer or assembly taps are required to operate your shower and provide control over the temperature and pressure of the water.

Please note: this particular component does not come as part of our full shower rail set. Therefore, please ensure a shower mixer or assembly set (hot and cold) is added to your cart before completing your purchase.

Shower Arm or Dropper

The shower arm or dropper is used to connect your shower head to an internal water outlet. The shower arm is mounted on the wall, while a shower dropper is connected to the ceiling. Our droppers are available in two different lengths (300mm or 600mm) to suit your individual requirements.

Hand Shower

Also known as the handheld shower, the hand shower unit attaches to the shower hose for flexibility and ease  of use.

Shower Hose

A shower hose is required when purchasing a handheld shower. 

Shower BP

This is the water outlet fixture the shower hose connects to. 

Hand Shower Holder and BP

This fixture holds the handheld shower firmly in place and is required to connect your water source to the shower hose. We currently offer fixed and adjustable options.

Shower Rail

A shower rail is mounted to the wall and provides an attachment for the hand shower head. This rail allows you to easily adjust the height and angle of your hand shower.

Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head is required to complete your shower look. This component connects to the shower arm or ceiling shower dropper. 

All-In-One Shower Set

The All-In-One Shower Set streamlines the selection process by offering all of the required components. This includes a shower head, shower diverter, shower arm, hand shower, hand shower holder and BP, and a shower hose. However, as mentioned, you will need to purchase a shower mixer separately to operate your shower. 

Please Note

Not all of the above components are required for a shower set. Please see below for different shower combinations depending on your personal preference.

Discover Our Shower Options

We have a variety of configurations to suit different projects:

The Rain Shower

A rain shower provides an at-home spa experience with evenly distributed water flow that mimics the feeling of rainfall. This makes for a soothing and serene experience.

Once you have decided on your shower head, the other components you will need are either a shower arm or shower dropper to attach to the water outlet.

What you will need to complete your rain shower:

Shower Head
Shower Arm or Shower Dropper
Shower Mixer or Assembly Tap Set

Hand Shower

A hand shower provides greater convenience and flexibility. Mounted from either a shower rail or an adjustable hand shower holder, hand showers allow you to direct the water where required and will enable you to alter the flow accordingly.

The hand shower can also be a helpful addition when paired alongside a rain shower head. Please note that this would require an additional mixer or shower diverter to function.

What you will need to complete your hand shower:

Hand Shower
Shower Hose
Shower Rail and BP or Hand Shower Holder with incorporated BP
Shower Mixer/Assembly Taps or Shower Diverter

The All-In-One Shower Set

For a simple yet comprehensive solution, our shower rail sets are the perfect option. Our shower rail sets have both a rain shower head and hand shower, as well as a diverter feature on the rail. All that is required to function a shower rail set is your choice of mixer or assembly taps.

What you will need to complete your all-in-one shower set:

Shower Rail Set (Finley or Elysian)
Shower Mixer or Assembly Taps

ABI Interiors

Double Shower

Choosing to install a double shower is a great option for large walk-in showers. Double showers can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom, allowing for more flexibility when showering and providing a practical option for couples. Double showers can be mounted side by side or parallel, depending on personal preference and available space arrangement.

What you will need to complete your double shower:

Two Shower Heads
Two Shower Arms or Shower Droppers
Two Shower Mixers or a double Assembly Tap Set


Two Shower Rail Sets
Shower Mixer or Assembly Taps

The Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is a perfect complement to any external space, both in practicality and aesthetics.

Our highly durable Sola Collection is constructed from 316-grade stainless steel, which is reassuringly rust-resistant and has anti-corrosion properties ensuring it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

For more design flexibility in your outdoor space, we also offer an extended Sola Shower range made up of individual components that allow full customisation for your desired experience.

What you will need to complete your stainless steel shower:

Sola Shower Head
Sola Shower Arm
Sola Shower Mixer

What you will need with an added hand shower:

Sola Hand Shower
Sola Shower Hose
Sola Hand Shower Holder with incorporated BP
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