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Bath Fillers

Beautifully designed, our bath fillers will enrich your space.

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Bath fillers have been created to provide a point of difference for your bath tapware. With their floor-mounted functionality, freestanding bath fillers are often a more elegant alternative to traditional bath taps. 

Floor bath spouts should have a streamlined design and be available in various finishes to enhance your space.  

Our Bath Fillers Range

We offer a range of attractive freestanding bath fillers with a solid brass construction for durability. They are all available in seven finishes that include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, matte black, white, and chrome.


Floor-Standing Bath Fillers

Our Floor-Mounted Bath Fillers have an eye-catching curved design and come with a round floor base plate. Their convenient swivel spout also provides seamless functionality. They have all been designed to instantly make an impression in your bathroom. 


Bath Fillers with Mixers

For added convenience, our Floor-Mounted Bath Fillers With Mixer includes an attached mixer to the spout. This minimal mixer technology enhances the appeal of having a freestanding bath filler. Check out our attractive range of freestanding baths.

Bath Fillers FAQs

What is included with the bath filler?

You will receive the following items with your Floor-Mounted Bath Filler with Mixer:
1 x Base Bracket

1 x Spout Body

1 x Mixer

1 x Cover Plate

1 x Hot + Cold ½ Flexible Hoses

With the standard Floor-Mounted Bath Filler, you will receive the following items: 

1 x Base Bracket

1 x Spout Body

1 x Cover Plate

How do I best clean the bath filler?

Regularly clean your item with mild liquid detergent or soap and water. Please avoid using cream cleaners or bleach as these substances are abrasive. Also, avoid using cleaning pads with abrasive surfaces as these could scratch the surface.

Is the full product required for rough-in?

No, all that your licensed plumber will require is the installation guide, along with the specification sheet. These are located under the ‘Product Documents’ section on the relating product page. 

Assistance with choosing Bath Fillers

For assistance purchasing floor bath spouts, speak to our friendly team. You can contact us on (09) 801 0908 or send any enquiries to:

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