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Sensor Taps

Our touch-free kitchen sensor taps combine a smart design with multi-functionality.

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Washing your hands after preparing food is a common requirement in the kitchen. However, touching your tapware with dirty hands can spread the mess and increase harmful contamination. 

The solution to this is a touchless kitchen sensor tap that uses smart infrared sensor technology. Automatic taps should be durable, stylishly designed, and easy to operate to help maximise the functionality of your kitchen.

Our Sensor Taps Range

Constructed from 304 stainless steel, ABI Interiors Elysian Sensor Commercial Pull-Out Mixer is a touchless tap that has been specifically designed to increase personal hygiene in the kitchen. 

This smart multi-functional mixer is easily operated with an adjustable infrared sensor and has a 30-second cut-off safety feature that improves water efficiency. It also has a convenient pull-out mixer and a 360-degree swivel spout function.

Our kitchen sensor tap can be used in a number of scenarios that include touchless hand cleaning, washing raw meat, herbs, fruit or vegetables, or filling up your kettle, pots, or water in a flower vase. 

The Elysian Sensor Commercial Pull-Out Mixer is also available in six finishes that include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, matte black, white, and stainless steel. 

Please note: A stainless steel Commercial Pull-Out Spray Attachment (available in these six finishes) can be purchased separately and easily screwed onto the Elysian Sensor Commercial Pull-Out Mixer. It has the option of either direct tunnel spray or dispersed wide-angle spray functionality. 


Sensor Taps FAQs

Can I disable the kitchen sensor tap function?

Yes, you can easily disable the sensor function and use this product manually as a regular kitchen mixer instead.

Can the sensor range of the sensor mixer tap be adjusted?

Yes, you can easily adjust the sensor function to suit your requirements. Please refer to the instructions enclosed with purchase.

Can the automatic shut-off period be adjusted?

No, the 30-second shut-off period is set during the manufacturing stage.

Are there any key considerations when installing a sensor water tap?

Please ensure there is adequate space under your sink for the pull-out weight to hang and enable the nozzle to retract correctly. The solenoid and battery case must be secured to the wall under the sink (using the brackets provided) so that it does not obstruct the pull-out weight from functioning.

What is the extension length of the Elysian Sensor Commercial Pull-Out Mixer?

The pull-out has an extension length of 400mm. The pull-out length, which acts as an anchor, may vary depending on where the solenoid is mounted.

How is the Elysian Sensor Commercial Pull-Out Mixer powered?

The Elysian Sensor Commercial Pull-Out Mixer can be battery operated or alternatively plugged into your powerpoint using an AC adapter.

Assistance with choosing Sensor Taps

Speak to our friendly team for assistance purchasing sensor taps. You can contact us on (09) 801 0908 or send any enquiries to

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