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Bathroom Tapware Guide

Selecting your bathroom tapware opens up a world of possibilities, with the variety of styles, finishes, and features seemingly endless.

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Not only will the right tapware enhance the appearance of your space, but it will also improve the function and efficiency of your daily routine.

We’ve put together a guide below on how to choose bathroom taps that will complement your design and achieve your ideal bathroom configuration.

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Bathroom Sink Tapware

Your bathroom sink tapware will need to include a set of assembly taps or a mixer to control the water temperature and pressure, plus an outlet for the water to emerge.

Assembly Taps

A set of assembly taps includes separate hot and cold handles and are a classic style of bathroom tapware that promote ease of operation. ABI’s spindles feature ceramic quarter-turn technology, meaning the ceramic discs will last longer than a regular rubber washer.

Turning each handle alone adjusts the hot or cold water pressure, with the ideal temperature mix achieved depending on how far both handles have been turned together. Assembly taps are often wall-mounted alongside a spout, integrating seamlessly above your bathroom basin.

Basin Mixers

For those who prefer the minimalism of a single handle, a mixer may be more suitable for your space. It can be placed next to a wall-mounted spout or bench-mounted when integrated into a water outlet.

This style of mixer turns in both directions, with hot and cold aligning with a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. The water pressure is normally increased by lifting the handle in an outward motion.

Choosing the most appropriate bathroom sink tapware for your space will enhance the harmony of your home’s design. For a contemporary theme, lollipop or round dial mixers are sophisticated options, while a traditional bathroom will be better aligned with the classic style of cross or provincial taps.

Progressive Mixers

A progressive mixer is another streamlined tapware option that will complement a contemporary space.

Unlike a standard mixer, it turns in one direction only, beginning with low-pressure cold up to high-pressure cold. Once rotated halfway, warm water is incorporated at full pressure until it reaches maximum temperature when completely turned.

Progressive mixers offer the flexibility of being wall-mounted or bench-mounted.


You will also need to consider how to choose the right bathroom faucet or spout. As with taps, bathroom sink spouts can either be bench-mounted or wall-mounted.

Bathroom vanities with ample bench space can easily accommodate a bench-mounted hob spout. A bench-mounted spout can act as an attractive focal point in your bathroom and is convenient to install and replace. This is because the plumbing can be accessed without the removal of wall tiles, as would be the case for a wall-mounted spout.

If you’d prefer to have extra room atop your vanity, a wall-mounted spout is an ideal option. This spout can be purchased standalone or as part of a mixer and spout set. Wall-mounted basin tapware is also easier to clean, as it avoids the pooling of water around the base which may occur with bench-mounted tapware.

For compact bathrooms, ensuites, or powder rooms, a small-scale spout will be an unobtrusive addition and make the most of your available space. Several styles are available, including a mini hob spout or 
mini wall-mounted spout.

ABI Interiors

Shower Tapware

The shower offers significant versatility in terms of preferred fixture combinations.

Your mixer will be mounted on the wall to accompany a shower arm or dropper, shower head, and optional hand shower with its accessories (shower diverter, shower rail/hand shower holder, shower hose, and BP).

As with your bathroom sink tapware, you have a myriad of style options which include assembly taps, standard shower mixers, and progressive shower mixers.

Once you decide on your preferred style of tapware, the inclusion of a hand shower will determine if you also require a shower diverter. This accessory allows you to switch between a rain shower head and the handheld shower function by simply pulling or turning the diverter knob. A diverter can also be used for other configurations, such as to switch between a shower head and a spout.

A handheld shower is highly beneficial for days when you don’t need to wash your hair, as well as for reaching all areas of the shower when cleaning. It’s also a perfect solution for washing down your pets.

For further information on the best configuration for your space, you can consult our shower selection guide.

ABI Interiors

Bath Tapware

The placement of your bath tapware will influence the appearance of your bathing area, in addition to how you use your bath. Bath taps and mixers should be easy to reach and are usually mounted on the wall above the bath. They are available in a range of styles, including assembly taps, standard bath mixers, and progressive bath mixers.

These must be paired with a bath outlet, taking the form of either a wall-mounted bath spout, floor-mounted bath filler, or deck-mounted bath filler.


This style of spout is installed into the plumbing lines behind the wall and features no exposed pipes. They may be fitted separately to the bath handles, or as an all-in-one unit.

Wall-mounted bath fillers most commonly complement built-in (or inset) bathtubs that are fixed directly to at least one wall. However, they can also be used with a freestanding bath if it is installed close enough to the wall for the spout to reach.


Also known as a freestanding bath filler, this style is installed directly into the ground. They are often used to make an aesthetic impact and create a spa-like experience, as the form of the fixture is completely visible.

Floor-mounted bathtub fillers are most suitable for larger bathrooms with generous floor space. They are usually paired with freestanding baths as they offer the flexibility of being placed away from a wall. Floor-mounted fillers are available in a variety of styles, and may or may not feature a built-in mixer.


Infiniti Technology

To make the bathroom tapware selection process easier, our Infiniti Technology has been designed to allow the finish and handle style to be changed at any point after installation.

This flexibility is offered by separating the mixer into two kits: an In-Wall Body for rough-in and a Handle Kit for fit-off. You can start the build process and rough-in the In-Wall Body while still deciding on your tapware finish and style, preventing installation delays.

This also allows you to change your mind after the project is completed, conveniently being able to refresh the look of your taps in the future without compromising existing waterproofing or tiling.

As you can see, there are ample bathroom tapware options available, depending on your preferred style, functionality, and available space. Mixing and matching your spout style with your taps or mixers allows you to completely customise your bathroom to create a retreat that meets your unique needs.

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