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Outdoor Renovation Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

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Outdoor sanctuaries are one of the underrated assets of a home that provide many positive benefits. While refreshing a home’s outdoor space is often an afterthought, a backyard renovation can be a smart way to increase your property’s value. 

We speak to a slew of interior designers and home specialists to get their take on the outdoor renovation opportunities for your home and how you can transform yours into an aesthetically pleasing area that adds greater value to your residence.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

ABI Interiors

Outdoor spaces should not simply be seen as extensions of our homes but as bonafide living areas that increase the appeal of our property. Creating multi-functional areas dedicated to different uses is one way to change the perspective of this space. 

“Everything outdoor-related is a great topic because more people are exploring outdoor and indoor-outdoor spaces today,” says Robin Burrill, CEO and Principal Designer of the Texas-based Signature Home Services.

“My number-one suggestion is always an outdoor kitchen. Products like outdoor countertops with integrated induction cooking that can be used as extra counter space are opening up a world of outdoor entertainment possibilities.”

Bree Steele, Interior Designer from RJ Living, which specialises in Australian designer furniture and homewares, says perfecting an outdoor environment can also help increase your home’s market potential. 

“Liveable outdoor spaces are highly sought after and create a comfortable outdoor environment,” she says.

“Renovating to include an outdoor cooking area with a barbeque or pizza oven and comfortable seating for guests turns an outdoor area from unused to a place to entertain.”

Create a Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Connection

ABI Interiors

One of the ways to improve the perspective of outdoor areas and to help increase the value of your home is by creating a seamless connection with your interiors. Consider a patio renovation that incorporates a deck to achieve a more organic flow, for instance.

“Renovating to include sliding or bi-folding doors that open to a patio or deck creates a connection to the outdoors and indoors through natural light and makes your home seem larger — which is perfect for future investors,” continues Bree.

“By creating a flow between the main inside living and the main outdoor spaces [you can] increase usability and airflow, and enhance the aesthetics of your home.”

Install an Outdoor Shower

ABI Interiors

Whether for practical or aesthetic purposes, including an outdoor shower as part of your backyard renovation is another idea that could positively impact your space. Outdoor showers enhance the functionality of your exterior sanctuary by offering convenient washing options that also provide an exciting visual point of difference. 

Adding value to the home, ABI Interiors’ Sola Collection includes beautifully streamlined, lead-free outside showers. These rust-resistant fixtures are constructed from 316-grade stainless steel and are available in four different finishes to either blend with your space or stand out to make a statement. 

View ABI Interiors’ complete Outdoor Range that includes highly durable outdoor tapware, sinks, and accessories in a range of finishes.

Lighten Up Your Outdoor Space

ABI Interiors

Perfecting your external lighting is another practical and stylish outdoor renovation solution that will enhance ambience while highlighting the best features of your exterior environment. 

“Decorative lighting and safety or security lighting will give your home immediate curb appeal. Not to mention, set the ambience for more entertaining outdoors,” continues Robin. 

The strategic placement of light fixtures not only makes your garden more accessible at night but can make it appear more expensive and inviting, too. 

“Thoughtfully placed LED lights along pathways increase the safety and visibility of your outdoor space,” echoes Bree. 

“If you have nice trees or have added architectural features to your garden, spotlight them in ambient light to create a magic atmosphere.”

Perfect Your Biophilic Design

ABI Interiors

While including practical and resourceful features in your external house renovation is great, you shouldn’t neglect botanical aspects that can boost well-being and buyer potential. 

“Incorporating biophilic design principles can transform an outdoor space into a sanctuary that enhances well-being,” says Brad Smith, CEO and Lead Interior Designer of Omni Home Ideas

“Using native plants, water features, and materials that blend with the natural surroundings encourages relaxation and a connection to nature.”

“A great-looking, well-maintained garden won’t only bring you joy but is highly appealing to future buyers,” adds Charlie McNeill, Managing Director of the UK-based Rainclear Systems.

“The best thing about garden upgrades – whether that’s a simple tidy-up or a full-blown landscaping project – is that they can increase your home’s value at a fraction of the cost of bigger improvements, such as extensions.”

Nevertheless, it’s important to get the balance right for your backyard renovation — making it aesthetic and easy to maintain while addressing sustainability concerns too. Charlie says one way is to prioritise including low-maintenance plants like shrubs and evergreens, large planters, and mulches to decrease the need for watering and feeding.

“Consider a simple rain harvesting system too, which not only reduces water usage but appeals to buyers seeking environmentally friendly solutions,” she continues. 

“Creating designated areas for eating, relaxing, playing, and vegetable gardening will please future buyers as well.”

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Renovations

ABI Interiors

Outdoor renovations are a superb way to strategically enhance your exterior sanctuary through aesthetics and functionality. Following these outdoor renovation ideas can bring new vitality to your exterior space that also adds value to your home. 

Which outdoor renovation ideas resonate with you? Leave a comment below! 

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