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Easter is nearly here, and with it comes the high-pitched shrill of eager children scouring the house and yard in search of colourful chocolate eggs.

But the fun isn’t just reserved for the young! From the food to the decor, creating an Easter table setting is a great way to ensure the joy can be shared among family and friends all weekend long.

We’ve asked Nadia Harrison of The Kotahi House to share her styling expertise so you can design the ultimate Easter tablescape in your home.

Plan Ahead

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In the lead-up to Easter, consider what style you’d like your table to exude. Modern? Vintage? Monochrome? Pastel? Whether you’re going for simple Easter table decor or something a little more extravagant, make sure to have fun with it. 

Instagram and Pinterest are excellent sources of inspiration for Easter table-setting ideas. You can also look around the house for items you could repurpose and use to decorate your table.

Layer With Textures

ABI Interiors

First, decide whether you’d like to use a tablecloth as your base. A tablecloth can add softness, warmth, and texture to your table while also helping to protect the surface from wear and tear.

If you don’t have one on hand, you could also use a linen bed sheet. Select your tablecloth or sheet, ideally in a shade or pattern that matches the rest of your Easter table decor, then give it an iron and drape it over the table as your base.

Next, Nadia suggests starting from the centre and working outwards.

“I always try and get the centrepiece on the table and then slowly work around it with everything else [that] we’re going to have on the table.”

When it comes to centrepiece decor, remodelling old items is a creative and budget-friendly idea. Take a look through some materials that have been collecting dust in storage and see if they could be useful. Nadia saw the potential in some unused travertine tiles. She smashed them and repurposed the broken pieces for the centrepiece.

“I stacked them on top of each other to create an additional layer on the table when I’m adding pieces to it.”

Alternatively, you could use a cake stand as your centrepiece, adding depth to the table setting and giving you an elevated platform to display your food. Next, it’s time to move on to place settings.

Mark Out Your Places

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Use your favourite placemats to add dimension to your table and mark where your guests will be eating. Nadia also advises using placemats as a launchpad around which to place the rest of your Easter table decor.

“Pop the placemats around the table. And then we can work from there and add extra bits and pieces in.”

We love the concept of layering our plateware for a luxurious look. Add a dinner plate to each placemat, followed by a small salad plate or bowl, cutlery, napkins and glassware.

Don’t be afraid to mix colours and textures. If you’re hosting a large group, you could also add place cards for a more personalised touch.

Select the Perfect Glassware

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The addition of sophisticated glassware can turn an ordinary meal into an elegant dining experience. Nadia likes sourcing hers from second-hand stores, as it’s easier to find ornate, unique pieces at a great price.

You might also like to find a stylish water jug or carafe to keep on the table for convenience.

Create a DIY Vase

ABI Interiors

To liven up your Easter tablescape, Nadia suggests creating your own DIY vase. It’s affordable, uncomplicated, and fun enough that any children around will probably want to help you with it! All you need is PVC pipes, clay, and a little creativity.

“I cut it [PVC pipes] to different lengths, and then I covered it with clay and let it dry.”

Once dry,  paint them to suit your Easter table colour scheme or keep them natural for a rustic touch. Add a few stems of fresh flowers, such as festive Easter lilies, and you’re good to go!

Take a Step Back

ABI Interiors

Indulge in a moment of rest. Step back from your table setting and take stock of how it’s looking. Make any changes to the placement or styling of your decor that you see fit. This is a great way to ensure you don’t over-style or deviate too far from your original plan.

Finish with Food

ABI Interiors

Now, it’s time for the best part — adding food to your Easter tablescape. Cakes, hot cross buns, croissants, and, of course, plenty of Easter eggs and bunnies are non-negotiables. For festive food ideas, we have curated a list of our own favourite Easter recipes.

Easter isn’t just for the kids! Try these easy tablescape ideas and elevate your Easter with a spread that looks beautiful and tastes even better.

From all of us at ABI Interiors, we wish you a wonderful Easter 2024.


ABI Interiors
Easter decor in Nadia Harrison’s home. Featuring the Elysian Kitchen Mixer, Penelope Kitchen Mat Rack and Scalo Cabinetry Pull. All items are in brushed brass.

Backsplashes can reflect the time of the build. And if that time was in the last century, it may look a bit drab. A tile suggestion is the timeless subway pattern. It’s versatile and neutral, making it attractive to most people. Choose a colour that works with your interior scheme.


As some parts of the world still require people to stay indoors, Easter 2021 is an excellent opportunity to transform the home into a festive wonderland.

Taking the time to adorn your table with Easter decor can revitalise the ambience, setting the tone for a fun and jovial holiday period.

Start thinking about what kind of style you would like to exude on your Easter table setting. Modern? Vintage? Monochrome? Pastel? Whatever you decide on, always make sure to have fun with it.

In the lead up to Easter, take a peek in some second-hand stores for knick-knacks and decor you could add into the table setting. Alternatively, you could make your own pieces! Nadia found her Easter decor items either from op-shops or made them herself.

And, of course, Easter is never complete without a selection of delicious treats to indulge in over the long weekend.

From all of us at ABI Interiors, we wish you a safe and wonderful Easter 2021.

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