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Behind the Mist

We Explore the Meaning of Home for Our Latest Campaign

The concept of home extends beyond physical structures, beyond fixtures and fittings. It’s an intangible feeling uniquely created by each individual — and this understanding was the driving inspiration behind our new Interior Mist.

To celebrate the launch of Interior Mist, we asked some of our team members to consider what home means to them. As their responses poured in, a predominant theme emerged, transitioning from associating home with the physical confines of four walls to embracing the essence of being within nature and around family — home can be discovered anywhere and within any person.

We hope you enjoy meeting some ABI Interiors team members and think more deeply about what home means to you.

Renee Enoka

Product Marketing Executive

“Home is a curation of my authentic self, a place where I can fully unwind.”

Carmelo Galati

UI Designer

"The heart of my home beats in the kitchen. Recipes handed down through generations come alive as flavours and taste buds tarantella. It's where I feel a tangible connection to my roots in Italy and England."

Olivera Corovic

Digital Marketing Manager

“Home to me is a place where I can be creative. It provides me with a sense of safety and stability that allows my creativity to find room to breathe.”

Raquel Wys

Product Marketing Coordinator

“It’s the love and beauty in constant chaos. It’s where I can see my gorgeous boys and hear about their days with a homecooked meal.”

Lucas Barboza

Accounts Associate

“I feel most at home in the ocean, surfing, being amidst the gentle ebb and flow of the waves”

Connor Dye

Systems Administrator

“Home to me means being together with my family, my partner and our two girls. Without them, I would have little purpose.”

Denver Anderson

Operations Manager

“Home to me is definitely seeing my wife, kids, and fur-babies. It’s my wife who makes our house a home. And also the comfort of knowing my place on the couch.”

Interior Mist 100mL

Encased in a refined clear bottle with a magnetic black cap, the elegant room spray is a versatile accessory across many different settings.


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