Infiniti Technology is all about interchangeable tapware. It has been specifically manufactured to provide the option to have your finish and handle style changed after installation without compromising your existing waterproofing or tiling.

Providing superb versatility, the Progressive mixer comes in three different handle designs, which include the minimalist Barre, the vintage Cross and the smooth rounded single Milani hand mixer.

Progressive ensures ease of operation for the user with precise temperature control at a twist of the dial. When using progressive cartridge technology you twist in one clockwise motion starting at low-pressure cold up to high pressure cold. Once turned halfway warm water is introduced at full pressure. The dial is then precisely adjustable for the perfect temperature right up to maximum temperature when fully turned.


– In-Wall Body and Handle Kit
– Wall Mounted Spout


– Progressive Cartridge Technology
– Precise Temperature Control
– PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition)

A non-restrictive aerator is available to be installed inside our Spouts (26 L/M at 500KPA).