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Bench-Mounted Spouts

Our range of aesthetically pleasing bench-mounted spouts will complement any space.

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Buy Bench Mounted Spouts Online

We offer a variety of bench-mounted spouts to effortlessly enhance your bathroom or laundry. 

Bench-mounted tapware is beneficial due to the ease and affordability of installation next to your basin. Our bench-mounted spout sets combine outstanding functionality with elegant aesthetics.

Our Bench Mounted Spouts Range

Our range varies in shape, style, and size to provide the ideal spout for any bathroom or laundry, with a range of signature finishes to choose from. 

Our bench-mounted spout sets feature a unique interchangeable function that allows you to change your finish or handle style after installation without compromising your existing waterproofing or tiling.

Swivel Spouts

Swivel spouts are highly practical for bathroom and laundry applications. The pivoting motion of this bench-mounted spout allows you to swivel it around as you need. 

The modern Milani style is a sleek choice atop benches. Choose between the Milani Assembly Bench-Mounted Set, which features our assembly taps paired with a swivel gooseneck spout, or the Milani Swivel Hob Mixer Set, which includes a single-hand mixer alongside a swivel gooseneck spout. Both are available in ABI’s seven signature finishes to complement every space.

Providing an eye-catching point of difference in their design, our Cross Assembly Bench-Mounted Set and slimline Barre Assembly Bench-Mounted Set can suit both modern and traditional spaces and are available in seven finishes.

With its elegant curves and flourishes, the Kingsley Assembly Bench-Mounted Set is ideal for provincial-style bathrooms. It seamlessly pairs with the rest of our Kingsley Provincial Collection and is available in brushed brass, brushed nickel, chrome, and matte black. 

For ultimate cohesion in the bathroom, the Pixi Tile Insert Assembly Bench-Mounted Set allows you to have a section of your chosen tile featured within your Assembly Taps. These are paired with an elegant swivel gooseneck spout, available in brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal and brushed nickel.

Non-Swivel Spouts

Fixed bench-mounted spouts are designed for applications where a swivel function is not necessary. Making a modern, minimalist statement next to your basin, the Milani Basin Hob Mixer Set is a single-hand hob mixer alongside a sleek, fixed gooseneck spout fitting. This product uses progressive cartridge technology to allow for ease of operation and precise temperature control with a twist of the dial. 

Bench Mounted Spouts FAQs

Can I swap out my handle design or finish after installation if I change my mind?

Yes, our Infiniti Technology allows the flexibility and convenience of swapping your handles after installation.

Can I use bench-mounted spouts outside?

While ABI Interiors’ warranty does not cover external use for our indoor ranges, our bench-mounted Sola Outdoor Kitchen Mixer has been specifically designed for outdoor use, as it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Assistance with choosing Bench Mounted Spouts

Our friendly team are here to help you select the right bench-mounted spout to accommodate your space.

Email through any questions or queries you may have here:

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