As humans, we are innately inclined to become a product of our environment. A dysfunctional space can elicit feelings of instability and distress, while organisation and order promote a sense of peace and composure.

A successful day begins in the bathroom, where the vanity acts as a station to prepare ourselves for what is to come. When it is kept well-organised, we offer ourselves the opportunity to overcome the challenges of daily life.

Here, we explore our most effective vanity organisation ideas to create a space that will stimulate energy and productivity.


Bathroom vanities can often end up in a state of disarray, encouraging our personal care products to quickly accumulate.

For an instant sense of satisfaction, consider installing a vanity drawer organiser. It allows you to have an unobscured view of all your items, allowing you to find what you need in a hurry while offering a reminder of what may soon need replacing.

Place your most used items towards the front when considering drawer organisation so you have immediate access to your staple products. For efficient storage of your cosmetics collection, opting for a makeup drawer organiser with handles will be advantageous for accessing a group of products at once.


An unsuspecting opportunity for vanity organisation exists on the inside of your cabinet doors. Consider hanging an over-the-door organiser to house your heat styling tools or mount wire baskets as versatile vessels for your skincare products.

You can also apply adhesive hooks for hanging scissors, nail trimmers, or hairbrushes. Take complete advantage of unused door space by adding a magnetic sheet where your metallic tools or bobby pins can adhere.


Mirrored cabinets function as a multi-purpose place to freshen up for the day while storing your essential everyday items. They are one of the most appealing vanity organisation ideas if you lack vanity cabinet space or prefer to keep your countertop clear and clutter-free.

If you are especially attracted to minimalist design, a recessed mirrored cabinet with adjustable shelves will add contemporary elegance to any bathroom.


For bathroom vanities that feature open shelving, the items placed upon it will require an appropriate level of organisation to avoid appearing cluttered.

You can utilise this space for function by stacking rolled towels uniformly within the shelf. Or complement a coastal bathroom style with woven baskets as a vanity organiser to contain your toilet paper or toiletries.

Fancy using your open shelving to display your decor instead? Place a luxurious candle alongside a petite arrangement of delicately dried florals, which will irrefutably rejuvenate the senses.


A timber ladder invites an aesthetic and functional solution for organising your bath towels. Light wooden tones complement a range of design styles and act as a feature piece reminiscent of a rejuvenating day spa. 

If you inhabit a home that lacks a linen cupboard or you would prefer to reserve your vanity for smaller bits and pieces, simply lean a ladder against your bathroom wall and hang your towels neatly from the rungs. This bathroom organisation idea is instantaneous and affordable, taking up very little space in a small bathroom.


When offering our best vanity organisation ideas, we must not fail to mention the benefits of a well-arranged and orderly benchtop. Adorn its surface with ceramic or metallic trays to unify your cologne or perfume collection and inspire a touch of sophistication with a trinket dish as a home for your jewellery.

Take advantage of decorative jars to organise disposables such as cotton tips, or small hair accessories that tend to stray. Glass jars have an undeniably timeless appeal while allowing you to view their contents, perfect for a Hamptons-style bathroom. Hand-painted or intricately patterned ceramic canisters can act as feature decor pieces to enrich your surrounding scheme.


Image source: containerstore.com

Traditionally a kitchen staple, the appealing attributes of the Lazy Susan are often unrecognised as one of many vanity organisation ideas. We recommend placing a Lazy Susan inside your vanity to encourage accessibility to all your bathroom products in a single spin. 

If you have succeeded in implementing an orderly bathroom, you can also enlist a Lazy Susan as a dressing table organiser to display all your perfume or cologne in one place and within close reach.

When renovating your bathroom or building your new home, always consider your bathroom vanity organisation. Become aware of how many drawers and shelves you will need to meet your storage needs, both now and as your household potentially grows in the years to come.