As we begin to evolve into earth’s most aesthetically pleasing species, humans continue to curate a world that goes beyond just a shelter to live in—the very fabric of our society shifted from survival mode to operation-in-vogue.

Many of us dream of owning a home with a picture-perfect interior, taken straight out of a magazine. Today’s homeowners will take their love for fashioning trends and welcome their style to bring to life the home.

Homes with a lively coastal style radiate a peaceful and sophisticated aesthetic with a decadent holiday vibe. Australia is home to some of the world’s most serene shorelines, donned as the backyard that everyone wants to play in. Introduce the scenic landscape with a pool of world-class architects, artists and interior designers (who are producing the crème de la crème of abodes), and you will find yourself starstruck.

Whether it’s coastal farmhouse or boho-beachy, this line-up of six exquisite ABI-filled homes deserves a standing ovation and is sure to inspire a home makeover of your own.


This home is classic-luxe-meets-coastal-retreat; delivering a delightfully eccentric labour of love.⁠ Nothing compares to the warm morning rays that the sun dances into their living space or the rainbow of afternoon hues that take over the kitchen.

Adorned with tropical decor and polished with a homage to country-style furnishings – this home is a masterclass in outstanding interior decorating. Boasting a basketball court, entertainment area fit-out for a soiree of the century and the dreamiest bathrooms you have ever seen.

The family have welcomed the components of a holiday barn-style house and turned it into their forever family home. ⁠


Overlooking the city skyline, this Gold Coast penthouse apartment invites an abundance of life and energy into each room while sticking to its Boho-Beachy design concept.

Designed to feel like a vacation every day, the luxury-stay makes us want to grab a cocktail and lounge on the terrace forever.

The crafty playfulness in the home’s colour palette effortlessly brings life into the space. We cannot get over the statement tones fashioned onto cabinetry, THE VIEW and the amount of personality that has been curated within each room.


Transforming your Airbnb into an inspired and luxe space doesn’t have to be a costly exercise or require an interior designer.

The Caba Riad is serving opulence and colour for days with their seaside escape – boasting character to the seams. The focus prevails in the style in this home – not a nook or cranny that goes unnoticed.  

Winding down with a cup of tea, soaking in a bubble-filled bath overlooking NSW woodlands…we are already packing our bags.⁠

Who is booking their getaway right now?


Dusty Pink tiles beautifully harmonise with our Brushed Brass tapware – welcoming a playful elegance within the room. ⁠Incorporating a mix of trend and timelessness, we admire the contemporary coastal tone that has been welcomed into this space.

Zeb at Casuarina has masterfully shown us how you can introduce a cohesive design technique while keeping the space functional and luxe. With clean and simple lines – the possibilities are endless…


Created to breathe new life into the celebrated coastal style, this forever family is something straight out of a dream.

Pops of pink, organic and raw materials, Brushed Brass fixtures, and natural light to open it up and keep it breezy – the perfect recipe of the Coastal Hamptons Home.

While we obsess over kitchens of all styles – grandiose or modest – there’s something about Coastal-inspired spaces that genuinely connects with our Beachy souls.


Full of functionality and space to breathe, its refined style and homeliness welcome both recreation and relaxation. 

Heightening the rustic character and raw charm of the original structure, Casa De Olas have devised a seamless transition from old to new, with consistent arches and unique sculptural pieces throughout the home.

With a touch of natural accents in the statement pendant lights and rattan chairs and sparsely scattered pops of colour – Casa De Olas has fashioned the perfect Mediterranean-Beach shack.