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Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout - Stainless Steel

SKU: 15757

in stock

Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout - Stainless Steel

SKU: 15757

in stock


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T41855 | WELS: 6 Star | Litres / min: 5.5

Product Details

Our Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout is a moulded and hollowed tapware fixture that guarantees long-lasting durability and provides smooth water flow thanks to its soft curvature. Contactless tapware is a safe, convenient, and economical solution for domestic and commercial spaces.  

This spout is constructed from 304 stainless steel and has a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing design. Thanks to sophisticated infrared technology, the water instantly stops when you remove your hands to ensure premium water-saving capabilities.

Please Note:

– A mixer will not need to be purchased with this product.


– Smart infrared sensor-operated spout function for superior water-saving benefits. 
– 304 stainless steel construction offers durability for indoor and commercial use.
– AC Power Adapter included for a maintenance-free power option.


– Height: 369mm
– Length: 229mm
– Baseplate Diameter: 56mm
– Spout Reach: 187mm (from the centre of the base to the centre of the spout)
– Spout Body Diameter: 28mm 

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304 Stainless Steel
Ease of Installation
Water Saving
Stainless Steel

At ABI, we use the highest quality materials and colouring processes to ensure a durable and timeless finish that you will love for years to come. Like many other materials, the colour may appear differently from product to product due to lighting within the installation location and reflection on products with different surfaces (flat and curved).

While we do our best to ensure consistency between batches and use strict colour toning and matching quality procedures to lessen variations, we acknowledge that there may be minor variations between batches. We encourage you to check over your items once received to ensure that you are satisfied with the finish. Should you receive anything of concern, our team is here to help!

SKU 15757
Weight 1.725kg
Brand ABI Interiors
Construction 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions (mm) Height: 369mm
Length: 229mm
Baseplate Diameter: 56mm
Spout Reach: 187mm (from the centre of the base to the centre of the spout)
Spout Body Diameter: 28mm
What's In The Box 1 x Sensor Hob Spout
1 x G1/2 Flexi - 500mm
1 x Solenoid
1 x Battery Case
1 x Battery Bracket
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Allen Key
4 x Wall Plugs
4 x M4 Screws

Specification guides can be found under the Downloads tab.

Name & Finish SKU Structure Finish Cartridge Other Structure Finish Cartridge Other Structure Finish Cartridge Other
Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout - Stainless Steel 15757 25 5 7 2 5 1 5 1 - - - -

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Product FAQs

Is there an alternative power supply for the Sensor Spouts?

The AC Adapter as well as the four AA batteries can be used to power the Sensor Spouts. If there is a loss of power from the wall outlet, the adapter will automatically switch to battery power. When the batteries run low, the sensor window will begin to flash, indicating that it is time to replace them.

Does the Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout swivel?

No, the spout is fixed due to the aerator sensor position.

Can I adjust the temperature and flow of the Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout?

To enable any flow functionality, we recommend purchasing a Mini Cistern Stop.
The sensor line is connected to cold water. We recommend purchasing a mixing valve from your local plumbing supplier if you wish to adjust to your desired temperature. ABI does not sell this part.

How long will the batteries last for the Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout?

Four AA batteries will last approximately 1.5 years before a replacement is required. When the voltage of the batteries drops below 4.5, the sensor window will begin to flash, indicating it is time for their replacement.

How do you operate the Sensor Gooseneck Hob Spout?

The spout is operated by an infrared sensor located at the tip of the spout. Place your hands directly under the spout tip to turn the water on. Water is only activated when hands are actively triggering the sensor. When your hands are removed, the water flow will instantly stop.

How does the infrared sensor work?

The infrared sensor works by emitting a light that is invisible to the human eye, which bounces off an object (e.g. your hand) and back to the receiver on the sensor. Having your hand or another object under the spout will continuously trigger the sensor, causing the solenoid to remain open and water to flow. The solenoid has been programmed to shut off immediately when the sensor is no longer triggered. As the water shutoff time is less than two seconds, this tap can have a 4.5-star WELS rating.

Can the sensor range be adjusted?

Yes, you can easily adjust the sensor function to suit your requirements. Please refer to the online specification sheet under the ‘Downloads’ tab on the corresponding product page.

What is the AC Adapter reach?

The AC Adapter has a reach of up to 1500mm.

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