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It’s no secret that if you’re searching for the latest home design trends, the first place you’ll find them is on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. 

One captivating interior style gaining momentum on social media is the pastel aesthetic, also known as ‘Danish pastel’.

Underpinned by the minimal elegance of Scandinavian design and uplifted with sorbet hues, this theme aims to instil joy throughout the home.

Playful pastel room decor is quintessential to this style, including wavy mirrors and sculptural pieces, floral motifs, checkerboard patterns, colourful candles, and bold prints. 

The beauty of the pastel aesthetic is that it can be subtly achieved by pairing these whimsical accessories with an otherwise neutral scheme — think raw timbers, woven materials, and white finishes. Alternatively, it can be embraced wholeheartedly by invigorating the entire home with colour.

We’ve gathered our best tips on how to incorporate pastel into each room, whether you’re aiming for understated or uninhibited.


ABI Interiors

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a high-spirited space where connection is created.  One way to accentuate this exuberant atmosphere is by incorporating colour.

An affordable upgrade can be made with some new tableware, inviting excitement to each meal with mugs, plates, and bowls in pastel hues. Handmade ceramics add exceptional character and the pleasure of knowing they’ve been crafted with care.

Complement your crockery with a tablecloth featuring checkered patterns or floral prints — sage green, cheerful lemon, or baby pink are ideal options for a lively space.

Want to take your scheme to the next level? Pastel appliances add a unique focal point to the kitchen, with Smeg’s retro 50s range being one of the most noteworthy. From pastel pink kettles to mint green refrigerators, coloured appliances can make your everyday routine seem far from mundane.

If you’re aiming for a completely unrestrained palette of ice cream pastels, consider refreshing your cabinetry with a colourful coat of paint. Duck-egg blue expresses refinement, especially when supported by brushed brass tapware.


ABI Interiors

The living area is a blank canvas, offering ample opportunities to experiment with a pastel aesthetic.

Start small with quirky decor, including prismatic vases, curved candle holders, and colourfully-bound books to accent Scandi furniture.

Soft furnishings offer another avenue to embrace eccentricity — try a textured rug in a swirling pattern or geometric cushions that add dynamic tension to a gentle palette.

Adorn your surfaces with personality by curating your own gallery wall. This unique collection of items can include illustrations, photographs, paintings, or travel mementos, to name a few.

A picture wall can be tied together by theme, frame choice, or continuity in the colour palette. This is the perfect opportunity to weave pastel hues throughout your pieces to harmoniously connect them with your surrounding space.


ABI Interiors

As with the kitchen, your bathroom cabinetry can also reveal the pleasure of pastel paint.

A pastel pink aesthetic perfectly complements the soft contours of a round mirror, promoting a serene sanctuary that invites you to unwind. Merging brushed brass tapware with these elements also adds to the bathroom’s elegance.

Take advantage of your bathroom decor by opting for pastel linen, playful bubble candles, or colourful ceramic jars for storing your accessories.

You can also infuse colour by welcoming the energy of indoor plants. Try a peace lily featuring pastel yellows, or a dried floral bouquet tinted with pale pigments. The vibrant green foliage of a fiddle-leaf fig also pairs well with pastel features. Regardless of which you choose, you’ve got the perfect excuse to shop for some refreshing new plant pots to match your pastel aesthetic and create a cohesive bathroom design.

If the space begins to become too subdued, break it up by introducing monochromatic features that offer familiarity and bold contrast. This could take the form of black and white tiles, a patterned bath mat, or matte black hardware.


ABI Interiors

In the bedroom, creatives have the opportunity to fulfil their DIY dreams by restoring antique furniture to match the space.

With some sanding and pastel paint, you can achieve exactly what you’re after while enhancing the character of your overall design. Source a vintage chest of drawers or set of bedside tables from your local second-hand store, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. Then, pick up the necessary materials to upcycle your pieces from your local hardware supplier. 

With an almost endless range of options for bed linen, it’s guaranteed you’ll find something to complement your surrounding pastel room decor. Peach-toned sheets made from 100% linen instil a warm, inviting atmosphere and tie in beautifully with a timber bed frame. Or, for something more eccentric, a patterned quilt adorned with checkers or a plaid print can accentuate the space.

Try altering the saturation of colour to prevent monotony with your pastels. For instance, place a forest green throw over your sage quilt to add an element of dimension to this natural palette.


ABI Interiors

Homeowners have further opportunities to cohesively adapt a pastel aesthetic throughout the home. Try painting the door frames or door edges in an uplifting yellow or orange for a subtle burst of colour. In a two-storey home, create a unique entrance by painting the stair risers in your favourite shade, or combine a few for a rainbow effect.

For those feeling bolder, paint the entire wall — peachy tones pair well with many others — or install removable wallpaper featuring quirky patterns that catch the eye.

From baby pinks to a pastel blue aesthetic and everything in between, this trend can be effortlessly integrated into a variety of spaces, instilling the sense of delight it is ultimately known for.

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