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Creative DIY Christmas Ideas to Try This Season

ABI Interiors

Are you tired of the same Christmas decorations and gift-wrapping styles you've been doing year after year? With Christmas soon approaching, it's time to unleash your creativity.

Whether you want some unique Christmas tree ornaments, creative gift-wrapping ideas, or a creative way to give a gift card, we've got some last-minute DIY ideas that will add a personalised touch to your festive season.

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

It can feel monotomous using the same Christmas tree decorations every year. With most stores following the same trends, why not get creative and make your own DIY Christmas decorations?

Organic Ornaments

ABI Interiors

Opting for dried flowers or foliage is an excellent way to introduce a natural element to your Christmas tree, particularly if it's artificial. Whether you choose to hang some dried fruit, pepper in some baby's breath, or place some local flora inside clear baubles, adding an organic touch will not only distinguish your tree from others but also bring the benefits of biophilic design into play during the busy season; this can include stress reduction, improved cognitive function, and an overall sense of tranquillity. It can also impart a refreshing, natural fragrance throughout your home.

Hand-Made Polymer Clay Ornaments

ABI Interiors

If you desire a customised touch for your Christmas tree or want a festive activity to do with loved ones, consider crafting your ornaments using polymer clay. With its easy moldability and wide range of colour options, polymer clay can be conveniently cured at home in an oven, making it both affordable and accessible. Plus, the level of personalisation is entirely up to you, whether you choose to use stencils, stamps, glitter, or any other creative embellishments!

ABI Colour Samples Tree Ornaments

ABI Interiors
ABI Interiors

Looking for a colour scheme for your Christmas tree but struggling to find matching decor? Why not unleash your creativity and utilise our collection of colour samples? It's an excellent way to repurpose samples from past renovations or get a jump start on those in the pipeline. Crafted from either solid brass or stainless steel, these samples offer a durable option, perfect for lively pets or households with playful children who might be tempted to borrow a bauble or two.

All you need to do is thread some string through the hole at the top of the sample, and voila! You'll have a uniquely crafted, resilient bauble for your tree.

DIY Gift Card Ideas

Mini Gift Card Stocking Holder

ABI Interiors

Giving your gift card in a fun carrier makes it a little more exciting to open — creating it yourself shows the receiver how much you care! 

Follow our step-by-step below and re-create our mini stocking gift card holders this Christmas:

Sketching the Stocking Shape:

Begin by grabbing a sheet of paper and sketching the outline of a stocking, or download our stencil here. Make sure to add some extra length for the top part of the stocking.

Cutting Out the Stocking Shape:

Once you have your stocking shape drawn, grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut out the stocking shape, ensuring precision.

Tracing onto Fabric:

Fold your chosen fabric in half and place the stocking template onto it. Use a pen or pencil to trace around the template onto the fabric.

Cutting Fabric Stockings:

Following the traced lines, cut out the fabric stockings. You should have two fabric stocking pieces ready for the next step.

Sewing the Stockings:

Pin the two fabric pieces together and sew along the edges, leaving the top part of the stocking open. This will allow you to flip it inside out later.

Flipping Inside Out:

After sewing, carefully flip the stocking inside out, revealing a neat and finished exterior.

Adding Fluff to the Top:

To give your stocking some flair, cut a strip of a second fabric (fluff) and glue it onto the top of the stocking using a glue gun.

Creating a Loop (Optional):

For a playful touch, craft a loop using scrap fabric. Estimate a strip of about 10cm in length and 2cm in width. Fold it in half, pin it, and sew it down the edge, leaving both ends open. Flip it inside out for a polished look. You can fold the loop in half and use a glue gun to secure its edges and ends inside the stocking for a clean, finishing touch.

Build a Hamper

ABI Interiors

For many, a gift card is the perfect present, as they can select exactly what they want. But, if you want to add extra excitement and offer them something more to unwrap on Christmas day, why not incorporate the gift card into a festive hamper? You can base the hamper around a theme or personalise it according to their likes. This thoughtful gift will surely be appreciated, even by those who are typically challenging to buy for.

E-Gift Card Art

ABI Interiors

For a budget-friendly, handmade Christmas gift that goes beyond a typical email delivery consider inscribing the card's barcode on the back of a photo or art print with a small message. Then, gift the framed picture as a lasting keepsake.

DIY Christmas Gift Wrap

Wrapping gifts can quickly become stressful, even for the most organised individuals. Accidentally tearing paper, discovering you've run out, or, worst of all, forgetting it altogether can put a damper on the festive mood — especially when it's Christmas Eve, and there's no opportunity to dash out for more. To tackle these challenges, here are three impromptu DIY gift-wrapping ideas using materials readily available around the house.

Furoshiki-Style Wrapping

ABI Interiors

Lacking paper but have some spare material or clothes around the house? Why not infuse this Christmas with a touch of Japanese tradition by embracing the art of Furoshiki?

Square-shaped and available in various sizes, Furoshiki's roots trace back to the Nara period in Japan (710-794 AD), initially serving to carry clothes to public bathhouses, possibly inspiring its name "furo," meaning bath. It has since evolved into a unique, sustainable approach to gift wrapping where pre-loved materials, such as clothing, linen, or teatowels, are transformed by creative knots and folds instead of traditional gift paper.

Add a Natural Touch

ABI Interiors
ABI Interiors

If you have a collection of paper or gift bags, attach the same natural elements from your DIY Christmas tree decorations above with some twine to give them new life while maintaining a cohesive theme with your other decorations. The same idea can be used across brown paper, hessian, or tissue wrapping!


Whether you need a last-minute gift solution or want some festive holiday activities, why not explore these easy DIY ideas and leave a memorable mark on this year's Christmas?

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