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Bouclé has spent the past several years experiencing an impressive revival, reestablishing itself as one of the most unmissable trends in the design world.

Often crisp white or cream, bouclé naturally assimilates into almost any interior with its soft, bubbly texture adding visual interest to a simple space. Therefore, it’s no surprise this fabric features in celebrity abodes and everyday homes alike. 

Whether you wish to experiment with a single accessory or you’re eager to transform your entire design, we’ve gathered our best ideas for incorporating bouclé into your home below.


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Understanding bouclé’s cosy composition and benefits can offer a convincing argument for embracing it in your design.

The French term for ‘loop’ or ‘curl’, bouclé refers to both an upholstery fabric and the yarn it’s made from. The yarn is usually produced from wool fibres which characterise its supremely soft, fleecy feel, though it can sometimes be formed from cotton, linen, or silk.

The weaving process involves at least two yarns — one is tightly twisted for strength, while the rest are combined loosely, resulting in the looped texture and raised surface pattern.

Since multiple yarns are blended, bouclé can be designed in a multicoloured finish by weaving together several hues.


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Bouclé’s minimal liquid absorption, durable construction, and soft finish make it the ideal option for upholstered furnishings. A champion of sustainability when made from wool, its natural, renewable, and biodegradable fibres maintain their quality for many years to come.

Another major appeal of this fabric is its versatility, with its subtle texture and availability of colours effortlessly enhancing a wide range of styles. Just about anything can be paired with bouclé, and it has the ability to transform any surface from boring to brilliant. It also makes furniture much more comfortable with its fleecy touch.


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The world’s affinity for bouclé began in the 1940s when American architect, Florence Knoll, requested designer, Eero Saarinen, to create “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows – something I could really curl up in”. 

Saarinen took this brief quite literally, designing the renowned Womb Chair in a soft fabric comprising of curly, looped yarn that has since become Knoll’s Classic Bouclé.

Around the same time, the popularity of this texture was engrained into the fashion world by fashion designer Coco Chanel. She began using roughly textured materials such as wool tweed in the 1930s, before testing a similar fabric, bouclé, in the 1950s. It was then that the iconic Chanel Bouclé Jacket was conceived.


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Clearly celebrating a long history, going back to bouclé’s mid-century inception makes it a welcome addition to a retro design — a mustard bouclé armchair with a simple timber frame can invite a distinct feature into the living room.

When exploring today’s design trends, bouclé again instantly accentuates any space. Contemporary design focuses on function, minimalism, and clean lines, allowing bouclé’s modest texture to tie in seamlessly while preventing an area from appearing too plain. Ivory bouclé furniture is a fresh, sophisticated choice and pairs well with arches and curved features, while black bouclé would be a striking option for a dark-themed home.

Bouclé is equally fitting in a maximalist or eclectic home, with its cosy texture layering harmoniously with others, such as leather, linen, or fur. A forest green bouclé sofa would make an impressive impact surrounded by quirky, colourful decor and a gallery wall.

No matter which style is most prevalent in your house, there are a number of decor items that you can embrace by simply altering the colour to suit your theme.


Bouclé’s fluffy texture lends itself perfectly to the gentle curves of rounded furniture. In the living area, a bouclé couch offers a comforting space to sit with company, while a bouclé swivel chair and ottoman would be the perfect place to curl up with your favourite book.

As you approach the kitchen, pairing bouclé dining chairs, a stone dining table, and brushed brass tapware would achieve the quintessential appeal of contemporary minimalist style.

For those inspired to make an impact upon entry, you can place a bouclé bench nearby your front door as an aesthetic and functional station to prepare yourself for the day, or to sit down and remove your shoes at the end. 

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If bouclé furniture is out of your budget, fortunately, this versatile textile can be used to enhance your home in many other forms, or even elevate your Airbnb interior design.

A 100% wool bouclé rug can add warmth to a lounge room with its rich texture, while also helping to define the space. Encourage continuity in design by including a few bouclé cushions — both round and square for diversity — and a matching throw draped across the couch. 


The bedroom is arguably the area that benefits most from creating a cosy, peaceful refuge. 

A bouclé bedhead can act as a hero piece, laying the foundation for a sophisticated space. Replicate the feeling of being enveloped by clouds by topping the bed with a matching quilt cover, pillows, and throw.

Whichever pieces you choose to incorporate into your home, from a pair of bouclé chairs to a simple blanket, this fabric will provide the understated enhancement you’ve been searching for.

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