Thankfully for most of us, we’ve progressed past the point of treating a trip to Woolworths like a runway moment. The runway we REALLY want to ride down is the one speeding outside the window when we’re taking off in a plane.

COVID-19 has brought an interlude to our greater plans abroad, but we’ve seen that it has kick-started a plethora of plans indoors. Renovating your house has become a fun way to escape, and we thought for your next project you could add a dash of another country’s flavour into the mix.


Hola! Live under the Mediterranean sun at all times with a Spanish-style renovation. Rendered walls, earthy colours, curved edges and eclectic styling are just some of the ways you can incorporate a bit of Spain into your daily scene.

Casa De Olas (meaning ‘house of waves’) has taken a pinch of those ingredients and stirred it into their coastal renovation. Their Burleigh Heads home is bright and full of warmth, with an array of interesting features. Recessed wall niches, colourful ornaments and our glistening brushed brass tapware communicate the spirit of ‘viva España’!


– ‘Stucco’ is a unique textural feature to put on walls
– Succulents and cacti are low-maintenance plants to add to your garden
– Highlight areas with patterned or peachy-toned tiles
– Start with a bright white base and accent with sunset colours
– Use striking tapware colours like brushed brass or matte black
– Transform your space with arched doorways or windows


G’day, g’day! With summer heating up we’re all flocking to the beach, but a little bit of homestead charm is a nice way to cool down. Rustic touches, native plants, and home design that optimises sun and wind are key in replicating the essence of country Australia. It’s all about connecting with the great outdoors.

Alenka Interiors’ home isn’t far from the sound of the Pacific Ocean but lives in a world of its own. It has traditional country features like shaker cabinets and a fireplace but is elevated by clean, industrial materials. Wrought-iron pendant lights, clay tiles and brushed gunmetal fixtures help step away from some of the kitschy elements of country style.


– VJ wall panelling adds a stylish, homestead feel
– Black, white, or copper colour schemes to reflect earthy tones
– Indigenous and landscape art that exhibit perspectives of the land
– No need to be overly structured in styling
– Freshly cut branches to put in vases, or buy some native plants
– Replace carpet with timber floors or vinyl timber-style planks
– Shaker cabinets and upcycled furniture
– Gunmetal tapware to enhance an industrial feel


Out in the Californian desert sits a city called Palm Springs. Hollywood stars first started to escape here in the 1920s, as it fell within the radius of their ‘two-hour rule’ if they needed to be on set. The low-set homes are known for their mid-century flair and host the United States’ largest collection of mid-century modern architecture.

Bilinga Beach Abode is quenching with a Palm Springs groove. It’s an engaging balance between coastal contemporary and retro allure. Bi-fold doors are the handshake between the indoor and outdoor world, exemplifying a crucial ethos in Palm Springs design. The white colour palette bursts with pastel blue and pink in all the right places. Breezeblocks line the home creating beautiful shadows, and are used in the desert to stimulate heating or cooling. Our brushed brass tapware shines a modernist gleam into the bright home.


– Breezeblocks are prevalent throughout Palm Springs design
– Use a bright white base with splashes of vibrant colour
– Bougainvillea and succulents, hardy plants to withstand the weather
– Playful, mid-century decor to bring a uniqueness to the home
– Big open windows, and good indoor/outdoor flow
– Open-air alfresco
– Brushed brass or brushed copper tapware to bring a retro feel



‘Zen’ is a central pillar in Japanese design, where all other accoutrements should bow down to its atmosphere. Strip-back embellishments and let a few choices of furniture dictate the tone of a room. Wide-open spaces and warm lighting reflects the simplicity of Japanese style, with a big emphasis on the natural world. It is to live uncluttered and in harmony with ultimate reality.

Hikari House translates to ‘house of light’, and is a mid-century-style Airbnb that incorporates Japanese design. Exemplifying the best parts of nature, floor to ceiling windows draw in as much natural light as possible, while wooden furniture throughout creates modernist angles. The brushed copper fixtures provide a rosy essence to uplift each room.


– Wooden/bamboo materials are reflective of Japanese forests
– Tidy areas, devoid of clutter and mess
– Brushed copper or brushed gunmetal fixtures
– Maximise on natural light
– Soft flowy curtains
– Furniture that has a strong focus on craftsmanship
– Open-plan spaces
– Modest decor that isn’t over-the-top
– Earthy colour palette


Oh Caribbean queen, now we’re sharing the same dream: the Bahamas. Home to over 700 tropical islands, it is ranked one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The lush environment inspires the interiors of many homes, with tropical motifs, bright colours and coastal decor. An ambience that suddenly makes you want to whip up a cocktail.

‘Baha-Mar’ is an impressive residence by Revolution Building Projects. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a seaside mansion enveloped in the colourful culture of Bahamian life, but it actually sits pretty in Northern Sydney. Tropical patterns are featured throughout and bring a unique vigour to the space. From the bold tapware colours to the unique knick-knacks, this home uses the culmination of little details to make a big statement.



– Rattan or cane decor
– Coastal patterns for upholstery or wallpaper (e.g. palm leaves, pineapples, nautical themes)
– Colonial-style furniture
– Black and white colours as a base, blue or green colours as a feature
– Have tropical plants indoors and outdoors (e.g. bird of paradise, monstera, palm)
– Consider ceiling fans with wide blades in a leaf-ish shape
– Brushed brass, matte black, or white fixtures to make a statement