Think of Hamptons style bathrooms, and your mind no doubt conjures up images of bright, lush, ultra-luxurious spacious homes where marble and brilliant white are used to showcase the interiors confidently. It’s also about indulging in nautical prosperity and highlighting handsome fixtures and fittings while maintaining a clean look that speaks volumes.

Fortunately, New Zealand is the ideal nation to integrate the Hamptons style bathroom thanks to our many picturesque coastal regions. Therefore, we can incorporate beachy Hamptons bathroom ideas into our space without them looking out of place.

So, let’s explore how to recreate the classic Hamptons bathroom in your home so you can easily enjoy the understated aesthetic indulgence that it affords.


The Hamptons style originated from the titular wealthy east coastal district in America, and its collection of serene Long Island hamlets including Southampton

To achieve the unmistakable sophistication of a Hamptons style bathroom, you need to think of airy interiors that make the freestanding bath or shower an alluring focal point. Opt for a bath that speaks to this luxury indulgence; after all, there’s plenty of therapeutic reasons why it’s the highlight of any bathroom. Similarly, there’s equally rewarding power behind the shower, so choose one that lives up to this mindset to recreate a modern Hampton style bathroom.


Hamptons bathroom ideas combine history and modernity within a serene setting; therefore, the decor needs to match this ideal. Often less is more when dressing your Hamptons style bathroom – you certainly don’t want pieces competing for attention in your space.

Therefore refinement should be a key mentality when recreating a Hamptons bathroom. The decor shouldn’t overwhelm. It should subtly enhance and in a naturally relaxed way. Consider an elegant vase that warmly accentuates the space and adds a pop of colour. Keep bathroom accessories to a minimum to avoid clutter, and place your essentials in pleasingly transparent glass jars for easy visibility. Above all, experiment with neutral colours that will work with the space more organically.


The Hamptons vanity is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of the Hamptons style bathroom, and for good reason. Helping define the room and make a pleasing statement, the Hamptons bathroom vanity is a valuable commodity that deserves special mention. Above all, it should help enrich your space and bring out those elegant qualities that characterise classic Hamptons style living.

Go for a bathroom vanity that incorporates the timeless shaker-style white cabinets, which are one of the distinct hallmarks of the Hamptons style bathroom. Bold and elegant is the way to go, and the Hamptons vanity should empower this interior design philosophy.


The glossy texture and inviting harmony of Hamptons bathroom tiles helps to further differentiate and create a calibre that takes your bathroom to another level of ultra-luxury living. It’s a reassuringly clean characteristic of Hamptons style bathrooms that reinforces its essential elegance.

Herringbone is the go-to in order to help define a piece in a Hamptons style bathroom. However, you could have equally positive results with other tastefully designed mosaic tiles like the unique Tic Tac. Use them to highlight your bathroom splashback, shower or attention-grabbing freestanding bath.


Beautifully appointed brushed brass tapware amongst other carefully matched fixtures and fittings can be such a defining feature in a Hamptons style bathroom. With such a predominately neutral colour scheme, the sudden colour splash they provide is an aesthetically pleasing highlight.

However, it’s not just brushed brass that should be considered. Brushed copperbrushed gunmetal or brushed nickel would equally add a touch of elegance and sophistication that fits the Hamptons style. Whichever finish you choose, just ensure you keep the colour consistent. 

The actual design of your bathroom tapware certainly shouldn’t be mundane either. Hamptons style is all about expressing self-assured yet refined character, so opt for tapware that speaks to that philosophy. Wall mounted spouts would fit perfectly into the space, while elegant mixers or taps that capitalise upon design minimalism would easily fit in too.


No matter how enthusiastic you may be in creating the ideal Hamptons style bathroom, it always makes good sense to get outside help with your interior design decision-making.

To help you achieve that Hamptons bathroom ideal, contact our friendly team here. You can also book a free design consultation directly to get the process moving and turn your interior design dream into an eye-opening reality.

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