Often considered the least attractive area of the home, the laundry has long been accepted as serving practical purposes alone. 

Far from being just a place to wash and dry, this room deserves just as much attention and appeal as the rest of your home.

Discover how to elevate the aesthetics of this space with these simple laundry room ideas that prove function and form can peacefully coexist.


Most commonly a practical and attractive feature in the bathroom, you may be surprised to discover that a towel rail can also add exceptional convenience to the laundry. 

Create a dedicated space to dry your clean clothes on their hangers by installing a single towel rail beneath the laundry shelf or on the wall. This is one of the most useful laundry ideas when the weather takes a turn for the worse while reducing the clutter of a fold-out drying rack.

Prior to packing away your clean clothes, you may also take advantage of this hanging space to steam your garments, keeping your clothing neat and crinkle-free.


Uplifting and inviting, indoor plants possess an effortless ability to add life to any space. Adopting aspects of biophilic design into your home is the perfect way to bring elements of the outdoors in, allowing you to appreciate the positive qualities of nature.

Vibrant, green foliage can instil energy into an otherwise dull laundry, and the functional benefits are equally as admirable. Indoor plants are mood boosters that can put the mind at ease, while also purifying the air for a healthy environment.

When considering indoor plants as one of your laundry design ideas, assess the lighting and conditions within your unique space. Often, many of the best plants for bathrooms will also be equally as suitable in your laundry room.


If your main concern with your current laundry design is an outdated appearance, considerable improvement can be made by simply replacing your tapware and cabinetry hardware.

One of our most favoured modern laundry ideas involves introducing matte black fixtures throughout the space. Matte black tapware paired with the Imes Cabinetry Pull in a matching finish instantly hints at a more contemporary design.

For those looking to achieve a sophisticated and timeless theme, brass tapware is a compelling choice alongside the elegant Elsa Cabinetry Knob.To create continuity in your laundry, consider installing a robe hook and sink basket waste in your chosen colour. It will also encourage a more harmonious design.


A solid timber barn door can be a brilliant option for small laundries, adding character to the home without sacrificing functionality. This time-honoured door style slides to the side, demanding much less floor space than a swinging door.

While traditionally common in farmhouse homes, barn doors are versatile and can be integrated into many styles of design. Maintain the cottage theme with a coat of white paint, or take advantage of a raw dark timber surface paired with a matte black tracking system to complement an industrial theme.

If you prefer it to go unnoticed, paint your barn door to match the surrounding walls. Alternatively, make it an impressive feature by selecting a contrasting finish that draws the eye upon entry.


As far as laundry storage ideas go, open shelving can contribute significantly to a room’s atmosphere and intended purpose. In laundries with limited space, opting for an open shelf design instead of closed overhead cabinetry can give the impression of a more expansive space.

The exposed surface also presents an opportunity for thoughtful display and decor selections. Place your laundry powders, stain removers, and fabric softeners in glass jars for more consistent and sophisticated storage. Or, pick up some charming wicker baskets to neatly store your laundry essentials.

After the necessities have been carefully arranged, you can then experiment with the placement of candles, decorative vases, and other delightful trinkets.


There are several ingenious laundry benchtop ideas for those with a front-loading washing machine and dryer side-by-side. 

You can simply add a plank of solid timber across the top as a quick and affordable addition to your current bench space. 

Or, for a more magnificent place to store your laundry items and fold your clean clothes, you can construct a waterfall benchtop with timber edges flowing towards the floor.


Placing an intricately woven rug on your laundry floor can drastically enhance an otherwise impersonal space.

A quality rug can speak to the senses — vibrant hues and patterns captivate the gaze, while tufted wools provide a place of respite for the soles from the floor’s cold surface.

Select colours that match your surrounding decor to create a seamless flow, or choose a rug that acts as its own work of art. 

As you can see, the laundry is a space with significant potential. With some careful thought and attention, your laundry room design can be both practical and beautiful.