The reassuring warmth and lived-in charm that naturally emanates from wood kitchens are among the comforts that perhaps make achieving the look so appealing during these uncertain times. It’s a decidedly nostalgic back-to-basics approach that shouldn’t be underestimated.

However, while these may be some of the timeless allures of wood kitchens, this instantly inviting and classic look may appear, at first, to be a little daunting to depict. Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves and as we shall see the homely appeal will bring new meaning into your kitchen space.


Adding wood is all about adding warmth to your space. The power of that warmth is perhaps most telling when you use it in contrast to a colour or material that almost speaks the opposite.

When we talk white and wood kitchens this is when that contrast comes into play – particularly if we’re talking white marble and wood. The at-times stark coldness that marble work countertops can command in kitchens is certainly put in its proverbial place with wood, helping to soften the space and bring that characteristic warmth to it.

Inverting this interior design method can work equal wonders too. Why not have your lower cupboards, tables, and flooring in a darker shade of wood contrasting with white upper cabinetry, work surfaces, and splashbacks? You might be surprised by how this colour enhancement compliments both aesthetics.



In contrast to the lived-in look that defines more traditional wood kitchens, with a black and wood kitchen aesthetic it’s about combining some modernity and simplicity to achieve minimalist sophistication.

Black can be used to strategically define areas in the kitchen that command attention. For example, a central island or table is given prominence with a darker shade against lighter surrounding cabinetry. You could even introduce colour segmentation for particular drawers to add further distinction and evoke layering into the space. Why not allow just your work surfaces and farmhouse kitchen sink to stand out in their brilliant whites against all-encompassing black cabinetry? The results are arguably bold but beautiful.


Oak is where wood kitchens really come into its own where longevity is concerned. While their natural, weathered looks may traditionally be appealing to an older generation there’s no reason why oak kitchens can’t be embraced by the younger population too.

With a bit of imagination, great depth of character can be introduced with oak kitchens and this is certainly something that fits the aesthetic appeal when achieving the rural look of a country kitchen. Light natural oak for kitchen cabinetry for instance can freshen up the area with its Scandinavian schemes. Installing darker cabinetry pulls or knobs like the Elsa Cabinetry Knob in brushed gunmetal or the Tezra Textured Cabinetry Pull in matte black can help contemporise the space.


The beauty of a modern timber kitchen is that they never really lose their appeal and that they can make up for a lack of colour. The natural lightness of timber works best with white or grey to bring out its terrific textures. As a result of this, it can be used to specify certain areas of interest like a central island bench, accompanying stools, a kitchen table, or a corner of cabinetry.

The enriching sheen of brushed brass tapware and matching accessories works well with the more rustic qualities of timber kitchens. Also, don’t forget you can always go darker with your timber to contrast with various light qualities you may have already implemented in the space. Dark timber works well with dark grey and accents of black for instance.


To help bring that characteristic warmth and time-honoured reassurance back into your home through a modern wood kitchen aesthetic, speak to our friendly team. They are only too happy to help.

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