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The Benefits Of Tiny Home Living

The tiny home movement has gained significant traction over the past few years, and for good reason. A tiny house can effectively meet the needs of many, constructed as a complementary feature to an existing home or built as a permanent primary residence. 

An appealing option for a granny flat, a tiny home can accommodate visiting friends and family and offer them a private sanctuary to enhance their stay. 

It can also act as a mini home for a teenager who craves their own space or provide an additional source of income as an Airbnb rental. These small houses can function as a studio space for creatives or an office to work from home. 

For those who wish to surpass the limitations of staying in one place, this abode can be taken on the road when constructed on a trailer, allowing you the freedom to pull up to caravan parks across the country. 

No matter how you intend to take advantage of it, you are guaranteed to experience the endless benefits of a tiny house, which we elaborate on below.

Promotes A Tidier Home

ABI Interiors

Transitioning to a tiny home can offer a transformative opportunity to declutter your surroundings, instilling more serenity and mindfulness into your space.

The limited area within a mini house will force you to consciously consider which belongings are most functional or hold the highest sentimental value. 

Once you’ve determined what is worth keeping, you can sell, donate or recycle things that are no longer necessary. This will also evoke the satisfaction of knowing someone else can enjoy their value instead.

The kitchen is where we commonly begin to gather many gadgets and utensils that are often unused. Therefore, decluttering this area is one of the most effective ways to make the most of the small kitchen within a tiny home.

In the long term, less storage will prevent you from further accumulating items you don’t need. This will save you a significant amount of money which can instead be spent on the things that really matter, like memorable experiences with your loved ones.

Less Environmental Impact

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A significant advantage of tiny home living is the reduced environmental impact. Tiny houses use fewer materials during construction and demand less land space. You can take advantage of sourcing recycled and reclaimed timbers for much of the build, adding exceptional character and reducing the production of new materials.

Less internal space naturally means that the home will be more efficient to heat and cool. This leads to lower electricity costs when connected to the grid and the production of fewer emissions. 

Alternatively, many tiny houses opt to install rainwater systems and solar panels to further reap the rewards of self-sustained living. This means they can essentially be parked anywhere without utilities being a concern.

Quicker Cleaning

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A tiny house can offer the ideal solution for those not fond of wielding a mop. Instead of spending hours each week dusting and scrubbing, the minimal surfaces of a tiny home significantly cut down your cleaning time.

To best fit the compact space, you can even opt for smaller fixtures such as a mini wall-mounted spout and mini wall-mounted basin in the bathroom.

Instead, this will allow you to spend your days doing the things that spark joy and fulfilment.


ABI Interiors

One of the most notable attractions of tiny house living is the option to live a nomadic lifestyle. 

Build directly onto a trailer, then relocate as you please without the constraints of being permanently attached to a piece of land.

You can then ignite your sense of adventure while living full-time on the road or simply take a holiday without needing to pack or pay for accommodation.


ABI Interiors

Not only do tiny houses offer affordability with cheaper energy bills, but the costs of construction are also much more reasonable. Fewer materials and labour hours will be required to complete the project compared to a traditional house.

The total upfront cost for a much smaller house will be proportionate, with mortgage repayments at a fraction of the price due to a more affordable home loan.

Long-term maintenance and upkeep will be easier to manage – for example, replacing the floor or repainting the walls will require fewer materials.

It is clear that there is much to be gained by joining the tiny house movement. If you are ready to begin planning the construction of your first mini house, please feel free to book a consultation with our team to discuss your design needs. We can assist you in seamlessly incorporating our mini fixture range into your small space.

To see another unique style of dwelling, explore ‘Our Guide to Barndominiums‘.

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