Welcome to Where the Heart is; a Q&A series unveiling the inspiration and essence behind unique and beautifully styled homes. Meet Steve Stamatiou from Mati Constructions; a Brisbane based Builder and Property Developer, specialising in producing outstanding custom homes. Steve has masterfully incorporated ABI products in the new build of his notable Hollywood Hills/ Contemporary style, Sirius Street Project.

Take a peek and see how Steve has styled this project.

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Q1. How would you describe your home’s design style? 

“I would describe the style as a Hollywood Contemporary home, but we have also kept to that traditional style which stands the test of time. It’s a forever kind of home!”

Q2. What are some things that embody your home’s style? 

“We wanted to ensure that everything was clean to the eye. A luxury yet straightforward feel is what we were committed to achieving with this property. The Brushed Brass finishes throughout the home perfectly match with the timber floors and striking black windows. The combination of warm and cold tones makes it a smooth aesthetic!”

“The hardware in this home was certainly a feature which we got many compliments on. The Brushed Brass adds the touch of traditional and warmth and helps tie all our pieces together.”

“The lighting in the house was also an important decision for us. We wanted to bring something unexpected, and our feature chandelier light from Montauk Lighting was the perfect addition to the home. The rounded features of the light matched subtly with our feature arch windows and the other pendants and wall lights.”

“We also received great feedback on the size of the home and the great layout, which makes it a perfect family home and one that is great for entertaining! This home has it all!”

Q3. What inspired you to choose the finish for your home? And how did that choice enhance your home’s style?

“Brushed Brass is what we matched all our other finishes to; we wanted the Brushed Brass to stand out, so we chose neutral coloured tiles and cabinetry from our go to team at Cabinet Collective so that they were the stand-out feature! We have always been a fan of Brushed Brass as it really adds a sense of luxury to the home and is so useful when it comes to styling a property.”

BY @Johndownsphotography
BY @Johndownsphotography
BY @Johndownsphotography

Q4. What was it that inspired you to purchase ABI Products? 

“Firstly, it was the excellent quality and perfect finish we found at ABI Interiors. This was our first time using ABI, and we had a great experience from the beginning to the end, and have already started selecting for our next project. They are a one-stop-shop, and you don’t have to worry about different tones with sinks and waste drains, for example, as they have matched everything perfectly. ABI has met all our needs when it comes to selecting fixtures and fittings.”

Q5. Do you have any recommendations for styling your space? Any must-have decor pieces or accessorising tips?

“Keep it simple, and add as you go. Clutter takes away from the beauty of the home, so select key pieces and slowly add them in to enhance the space.”

BY @Johndownsphotography


To execute the glitz and glamour of a Contemporary Hollywood home – you need to begin with a passion for grandeur. Make every piece count ensuring that it stands out in its own right while pertaining to the style. With the introduction of luxe mirrors, lavish decor and shimmering Brass surfaces, your home will feel like a star in any big motion picture. Balancing the dramatic tone with a Contemporary style; invite a modern palette that echoes prevalent trends and tastes – Steve recommends neutral backgrounds to enhance the look of the feature pieces.