Welcome to Where the Heart is; a Q&A series unveiling the inspiration and essence behind unique and beautifully styled homes. Meet Hollie Durack, a Gold Coast mother of two who has incorporated ABI products in the renovation of her Bohemian-Beachy, family home – where eccentric tones, textures meet enriched culture and a lively artistic style.

Take a peek and see how Hollie has styled her home.


Q1. How would you describe your home’s design style? 

“I would say the style of our house is quite a mix of Beach, Raw and Boho. When we first began renovating our house, we were interested in darker colours and concrete. Our home’s style has evolved over the last three years to much warmer colours, wood and white.”

Q2. What are some things that embody your home’s style? 

“The central part of our home’s style would be the decor – we have tried to follow the same white, wood, Boho theme throughout our house. I love white, bright spaces, so it was important for me to keep the rooms as uncluttered as we could to show the style of each room – less is more.”

Q3. What inspired you to choose the finish for your home? And how did that choice enhance your home’s style?

“This was such a difficult decision, I was going back and forth over Brushed Nickel and Brushed Brass. Brushed Nickel won in the end, and I am thrilled with the result. We chose the Brushed Nickel finish as we wanted the colour to be prominent in the kitchen but also match with the rattan and wood elements that we decided on. Brushed Nickel was the perfect shade, not too overpowering that it clashed with the rattan pendants and wooden floors but prominent enough that you notice it as soon as you look at the kitchen.”


Q.4 What was it that inspired you to purchase ABI’s Elysian Kitchen Mixer? 

“We wanted a Kitchen Mixer that was a statement piece in the kitchen, something modern and stylish. As soon as I saw the Elysian Kitchen Mixer, I knew it was the one. The choice of doing our all-white cupboards and bench-tops was decided after we chose the Kitchen Mixer. We wanted the colour and style of the kitchen to compliment the Brushed Nickel Mixer. Our next venture is our en-suite, I am already looking at what tapware we will choose as they will be the statement pieces; the style of the room will be matched to the colour choice of our tapware just like the kitchen.”

Q5. Do you have any recommendations for styling your space? Any must-have decor pieces or accessorising tips?

“I like spaces to be minimal, not filled with too much furniture or bits and pieces. Once we chose a design scheme that we knew would look great throughout the house, we navigated the style of each room from there. I wanted a few pieces in each room to stand out and leave the colour palette quite minimalist. In our bedroom, we incorporated a pop of colour with pillows and left the rest white. White goes with anything, you can change the look of a space just by adding a few statement pieces or colours. I like that every room in our house can be easily changed by adding or removing things. You can never go wrong with white and bright.”



For minimalists and lovers of white space; if you are considering introducing a Coastal, Raw or Bohemian style for your home, but don’t know where to begin, clean lines and white space are the perfect places to start. Just as Hollie mentioned – less is more – so heighten each room’s feel by thoughtfully accessorising around your statement pieces – being mindful that you don’t overcrowd the area. Designing a boho-chic-look can achieve a flawless result, but, be sure to invite elements of your personality and lifestyle within your home too!