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Trade Application

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Do you offer 30-day accounts or is everything paid for in full immediately?2021-10-01T12:41:07+13:00

ABI does not offer 30-day credit accounts. All orders will need to be paid for in full before dispatch. If it is a large order, we are able to secure the stock on a 30% deposit with the remainder being paid before the order is sent out.

What is the ABI Trade system?2021-10-01T12:43:52+13:00

The trade system allows for relevant trades to gain access to our exclusive discount structure. It’s an accumulative system that allows users to move up the discount tiers over time as their spend with ABI increases.

How do i sign up for an account?2021-10-01T12:42:13+13:00

Simply fill in the short form on our website and one of our trade team members will assess and get back to you shortly.

What are the benefits of having a trade account?2021-10-01T12:41:42+13:00

Having a trade account with ABI has multiple benefits. Most obviously having access to our discount structure! We also have a running account for you that lists your overall spend, all of your previous invoices for ease of access and a dedicated and trained team that can help with the trade specific aspects needs of your business.

How long is the process of setting up an account?2021-10-01T12:42:30+13:00

Not long at all! The online form should only take a few minutes to complete, and our staff endeavour to have all accounts processed and responded to within 48 hours.

What trades are acceptable for the discount structure?2021-10-01T12:41:52+13:00

At the moment, the trade structure is available to all relevant trades to ABI. This being architects, designers, cabinet makers, builders, plumbers, carpenters and electricians.

Am i able to have my invoice resent to me?2021-10-01T12:40:24+13:00

Absolutely, as long as you are the account holder, we are more than happy to resend through invoices to you as needed.

What is my discount tier?2021-10-01T12:39:44+13:00

Once approved, you will receive our discount structure sent through to you in your welcome email. This displays our discount tier and the correlating spend required to meet each discount bracket. If you are ever unsure or think that you may need to be upgraded to the higher discount bracket, please reach out to our trade team to confirm your tier.

Do trade accounts receive free shipping?2021-10-01T12:39:32+13:00

If your order is over $1,000 you are entitled to free standard shipping. If you need to upgrade to express shipping, the cost of this is calculated based on the overall weight of your order.

Can i receive samples of your product?2021-10-01T12:39:09+13:00

Yes! All of our trade account holders are entitled to one free sample pack to be sent out. Any extra sample packs being sent out after this will be charged at the full price.

I’ve forgotten my account details; can i please have them resent to me?2021-10-01T12:39:01+13:00

Of course, as long as you are the account holder, we are happy to resend the account details through to the email address that is linked with the account again if needed.

Does ABI keep a statement of my account?2021-10-01T12:38:53+13:00

Yes, all of your quotes, invoices and completed orders are kept in your digital file to ensure that we can always have accurate and up-to-date records for you.

How do i place an order with ABI?2021-10-01T12:38:43+13:00

There are multiple ways to purchase ABI products. You can send through your schedules, tenders or purchase orders to our trade team to put together a quote or invoice for you via email, you can call through to speak to a member of our team over the phone and have a quote or email sent through to you or if you are comfortable in doing so, you are more than welcome to shop online and use your unique code to apply your discount to your shopping cart.

Do you offer custom pieces or finishes for large orders?2021-10-01T12:38:27+13:00

If the order is of a very large quantity of a particular item, ABI can definitely look into customising the size or specs of an product however, this is limited to bulk orders where payment in full will be required before production.

Are there different steps to a trade account refund?2021-10-01T12:37:59+13:00

You have 30 days from date of purchase to return any items. Items returned after the 30 day period may be eligible for a credit note only. Any trade account returns can be lodged via our online return portal that can be found here.

How do i modify my order? I forgot to add something.2021-10-01T12:37:43+13:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to modify orders once they have been placed. We recommend triple checking all orders before checking out online and making sure everything is accounted for.

Do you have catalogue available to show clients?2021-10-01T12:37:20+13:00

We have both a digital and hardcopy catalogue available for showing clients. We also have colour samples and small display options for use in your client meetings.

What commercial warranty do you currently offer?2021-10-01T12:36:42+13:00

ABI has a warranty structure in place that is suitable to commercial applications of our products. It varies for the structure and finish of each product and can be sent through to you if you’d like to have as a point of reference.

Is this a loyalty system? Are there any points or special offers?2021-10-01T12:36:23+13:00

No we don’t have a “loyalty point” system associated with our discount structure. As spend increases so does the discount tier. Special offers do come through to our sale page on the website, however trade accounts do not receive additional discounts on these items.

I am a sole trader/owner/builder, do i qualify for a discount?2021-10-01T12:35:48+13:00

As a sole trader, we will require some sort of proof of work displaying that you fit into one of our relevant trade categories. We are happy to approve owner builders with a ABI trade account, although we will require you to provide us with your owner builder licence number upon application.

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