Dear Bathroom Hoarders,

As a Bathroom & Interiors company, we know more than anyone, how hard it is to find a balance between accessibility and style. Homing such fundamental activities, like brushing our teeth and bathing – we tend to over-extend the welcome in our bathrooms.

Guilty of making it a place where we store…pretty much everything, we have transformed our serene sanctuaries into wet warehouses. And if this blog was just about decluttering, we wouldn’t have opened with an addressing statement…The cloud nine of convenience has shifted from sunshine storage to mass destruction and unsanitary habits, with a chance of thunder.

Similar to Katy Perry’s smash hit ‘Hot N Cold’, your bathroom’s temperatures also partake in such unpredictability – with wavering bouts of humidity deteriorating your household belongings. But, to stop here would be senseless – we haven’t even discussed the dispersing bacteria growing on your toothbrush.

Taking the liberty of delivering the wake-up call, ABI reveals six items that you should definitely STOP leaving in your bathroom.





When your medicine or vitamin’s package says to “store in a cool, dry place” it isn’t suggesting a home in your humid, temperature-fluctuating bathroom. Incorrectly storing your medication or vitamins often breaks down the drugs – reducing their efficiency and diminishing its treatment purpose.

We recommend storing your medicine and vitamins in a kitchen cabinet or even your bedroom drawer – somewhere that tends to the substance’s requirements, maintaining a beneficial and long-lasting effect while keeping them out of reach from children and pets.


It makes sense to store your toothbrush in the same location where you brush your teeth…and flush the toilet…and wash your hands…and shower – need I say more? Bacteria spreads within humidity, and thrives amongst dark, moist, textured items – so what better place to grow than on your toothbrush. We could spend all day debating the scientific merits of numerous toothbrush storage solutions – and although leaving it in on your vanity, or exposed in the drawer doesn’t pose a severe threat to your health, we recommend investing in a toothbrush case.


Although the best lighting may be in your bathroom, most of your products will need to be stored at room temperature to remain uncontaminated and safe for your skin.

If you are going to continue leaving them in your bathroom, make sure to check for separation of ingredients and change in colour, scent or consistency regularly. If things don’t look or smell like they did when you bought them, let them go.


As technology continues to pervade every inch of our lives, it’s hard to go anywhere without our phones – including when we have a shower, bath, or go to the toilet. What might seem like stating the obvious, still appears to be overlooked…

So, for your bathtub ballads and shower hip-hop routines, we recommend investing in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Even if your phone is water-resistant, it’s not worth the risk. Making your bathroom a tech-free zone is a perfect way to centre your focus on relaxation and wellbeing, without the buzzing of Instagram notifications and emails.


There aren’t many things in this world that spoil us quite like a good read in the bath – whether you’re a fan of Austen or prefer the aesthetics of VOGUE, leaving your book or magazine in the bathroom for just one day can wrinkle the pages and weaken the binding. For your next at-home spa day, ensure that you take your relaxing read with you when you leave the bathroom.


As lush as a set of extra towels or spare bedding may look under the sink; unfortunately, linen has no place in the bathroom. By now we are sure you acknowledge entirely that your bathroom is THE breeding ground of mould and bacteria, so we suggest that your linens are stored in a dry location – like your hallway linen cupboard or bedroom wardrobe.


By now we are sure you acknowledge entirely that your bathroom is THE breeding ground of mould, mildew and bacteria. Your bathroom, no matter how big or small, should remain a sanitary and chaos- free zone. If you are currently leaving any of the items mentioned above in your bathroom, consider this your formal invitation to: Project Detox.