Laundry in Need of a Makeover?

The laundry can be one of those spaces that we never get around to updating.
So, is it worthwhile spending money on it?  It’s amazing how a small budget can completely transform this room.
Aaand you don’t need to do a full reno…get ready to revamp your laundry this weekend!

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Start With Storage

Storage in the laundry can be limited.  So you need to use this space wisely.
If you have cabinetry, try reorganising it.  Sound fairly obvious, right?  However, you could double your storage if you use it well.
Almost every homeware supplier has special laundry storage options.  Get yourself some baskets or tubs and get started.  Store larger items in the cupboards. We love these essentials on your benchtop
Laundry Powder Cannister
Luxurious Handwash
Gorgeous Washing Basket
Need more storage?  Visit your local hardware, Ikea or cabinetmaker to pick up some cheap cabinetry.  Or try open shelves.  They are probably one of the easiest and cost effective ways to introduce more storage.  Revamp your laundry by filling the shelves with gorgeous storage baskets.
It will be more functional AND stylish!

Refresh Tiles or Paint

Try replacing or painting your tiles.  This can be quite cost effective.  If your tiles are in good condition, you can paint them.  Or if there is only a small amount, a professional tiler shouldn’t cost much to replace them.
Also try painting walls in a fresh colour.  If you do have cabinetry, why not paint that as well?  OR If you want a more professional finish, try replacing the cabinet doors.  They’re not as expensive as you’d think!  Again, maybe try places like Ikea, Freedom and local builders warehouses.  You can buy these separately, therefore saving $$$ on custom cabinetry.

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Replace The Tapware or Sink

Sometimes a fresh tap can make the world of difference.  We know first hand how much impact tapware can have.  Therefore, it can be a good way to revamp your laundry quickly.
If your sink is looking a bit tired, why not replace it as well.  You’ll be surprised how many different styles will work in a laundry.
Certainly, you need it to be functional.  However, in the past, laundry sinks were kind of ugly.  Finally we have some stylish options for you!  Gunmetal, Brass, Copper…Single, double or even farmhouse.  What’s your laundry sink style?

Add A Drying Rail

One of the best new laundry features, has become the drying rail!  This is such a functional way to revamp your laundry.
Even better, they aren’t that expensive.  You can go as budget or as luxe as you like.  Try painting a piece of dowel from the hardware.  Install some cute painted hooks, and you’re done!  Even a curtain rod will work.  Just get a thin, minimal style and paint it any colour you like.
If you’ve got a bit more cash in the budget, this one’s for you.
Natural Copper.
It’s bang on trend, and you can pick it up from the plumbing department of the hardware.  Or try a specialised plumbing store.   Maybe hang it with some leather straps to complete this organic, designer look!

Did That Help?

Deciding to revamp your laundry can make life easier.  If you want some more ideas, check out our Top Laundry Tips.
We hope this will help you to create a more functional and beautiful space.
Are you planning to revamp your laundry soon?  Tell us what’s on your ‘Must Have’ list.  OR if you’ve just done a mini makeover, tag us in on your pics.