Is it a good idea to renovate in the midst of these unpredictable times?

If you’re thinking about renovating, already in the midst of approvals or you’ve already done the demo, there’s no doubt that Covid-19 has had an impact on your project.

We’re taking a quick look at some of the issues and delays that you may face, or you could already be experiencing.

Have You Already Started Your Renovation?

If the answer is yes, then you are probably already aware of some of the issues that builders and renovators are having right now.
Your plans have been approved, builders were on site and things definitely feel like a construction zone.  So, do you keep going?
Well, at the moment, the construction industry is still free to continue, as long as everyone on site is following the strict safety conditions and social distancing rules.
Above all, you and your builder or project manager need to be aware of any changing restrictions or social distancing requirements.  So make sure you keep on top of your local state and government guidelines to ensure everyone is safe & meeting their obligations.

You’re Feeling Unsure or Unsafe?

This is a completely normal and understandable reaction to have at the moment.  Taking this situation seriously, is the key to keeping you, your family and the workers in your home, safe.
So if you are uncertain as to whether to continue or not, go with your gut feeling.
Talk to your builders, tradespeople and suppliers as they are surely feeling some of the same concerns.  If you already have contracts or agreements in place, make sure you put any changes in writing to protect yourself and the workers.
Everyone is feeling concerned, so if you want to postpone your reno, other people should understand.
Maybe use this time to finish off any planning, approvals, or design choices and really focus on the nitty gritty.  So once everything starts up again, the project will run smoothly and without any further delays.

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There May Be External Delays

With many countries still in lock-down at the moment, this has a huge impact on the availability of materials as they may not be able to carry out shipping within previous time frames.
So you may start to see some delays in availability of certain products or materials, which may affect your renovation.
However, some countries ports are open again, and shipments are beginning to flow around the world.
This is great news if you’re still in the planning stage or you have begun ordering materials.
It means that when you’re renovation starts again, you and your builders can hit the ground running with minimal delays.

Things You Can Change At A Later Stage

While you maybe experiencing additional stress or anxiety about the future, rest assured that we are all here to support each other.
If you are renovating a kitchen, bathroom or laundry and you need help, please pick up the phone and contact us…our friendly and experienced Sales Team are here to help you in any way we can.
If you’re right in the middle of renovating your bathroom and can’t get the tapware you had your heart set on…try installing something like our INFINITI Range.  This allows you to install the body into the wall and you can choose your handles at a later date.
There are quite a few things that can be installed now to complete your project, but you can easily swap out down the track.
Maybe you can’t get your hands on the perfect vanity, towel rail or mirror at the moment.  Try not to worry, as these are all things that can be quickly swapped out or changed later on…

Keep Safe and Carry On

Above all, we want our Customers and Staff to be safe & well during these uncertain times.  So whatever stage you are at in your renovation, try to maintain your own personal safety and address any concerns you have with all those involved in your project.
After all everyone copes with things like this in different ways, so if we can all try and keep and open mind and have understanding for each other, we’ll make it though this.
Again, if you have any concerns about our availability or questions about visiting our showroom, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or on our socials.
We’re here for you xo