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Abi Commercial


ABI is heavily focused on delivering a high-end product at New Zealand’s best prices without compromising quality or our commitment to excellence. This strategy has made our products extremely effective for our property development clients of all sizes as they are able to deliver a high-end product contained within PC budgets putting their level of finishes to a new standard.

ABI has implemented a streamlined shipping system allowing us to send bulk orders nationwide & internationally for property development projects. This ensures the shipping cost per item is kept to an absolute minimum.

ABI can cater for small to large scale projects. We have supplied a range of projects to clients for housing developments, town homes, villas, and apartment projects. ABI has also released a exciting commercial stainless steel range.

For Bulk orders ABI can customise international order production & testing to ensure products comply with your countries standards and regulations.

ABI would love to support you on all current & future projects. Please call our commercial sales team on (09) 801 0908 or send an email to trade@abi-international.co.nz


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