Yes, yes, we all know. No snow, no Bali escapade, no leaving the country. But it’s summer, and we want to travel! Luckily enough, Australia is a huge playground filled with some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Darryl Kerrigan once rhetorically asked, “How’s the serenity?”

Well Darryl, as you know, this country is full of it.

From the tropical sun of Queensland to the distant shores of Western Australia, we have sought out our favourite Airbnb’s to help you holiday into the new year. Each place features ABI products, so if you were keen on testing our tapware in action, please, be the host’s guest!

Without further ado and definitely in no order, we have collated our top five Airbnb picks across Australia.


Drive about two hours south-east from Melbourne, and you’ll reach the quintessential seaside town of Cape Paterson. Within The Cape Ecovillage sits an extraordinary Airbnb called ‘The Bungalow’. 

Created by The Sociable Weaver, this property was carefully crafted to work with the natural elements. It doesn’t require mechanical heating or cooling and will produce 395 fewer kilograms of carbon emissions throughout its lifespan, compared to a structure of similar dimensions. 

The ideology spoken from its design is minimalism, not just in style but in mind too. Strip back ornamentation and explore the enigma of what is at the core. It contemplates the concept of what spaciousness is, and if we really need physical margins to experience it. You’ll have to book and ponder for yourself. 


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Set amongst the oceanic playground of Port Stephens, the quaint little town of Corlette is a soothing escape from the stresses of life. If you’re in Sydney and need a coastal hiatus, it’s only a two and a half-hour drive away.

Created by Zoe and Tyson from Your Home Designs, ‘The Loft Corlette’ is one block away from the beach and is styled fantastically to make sure you enjoy your time indoors as much as you’ll enjoy it outdoors. The four guests who stay here will drift through a Mediterranean feel of the interiors, and end the day watching sunsets on the large deck. 

Each wet area features a different finish of our tapware, whilst remaining stylistically cohesive. A testament to the creativity of Tyson and Zoe!


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The Sunshine Coast is revered for well, its sun, but also the relaxing lifestyle. There’s heaps to do if you’re looking for activity, but you can also find places to mellow into quietly. At the centre of the famous stretch of beaches, is the well-loved suburb of Maroochydore. 

With ten rooms at ‘Loea Boutique Hotel’, big or small groups can revel in the tropical oasis of the local area. However, it would be hard to leave Loea with its magnesium pool, luxury bedding, onsite bar and organic skincare!

The interiors are bright and coastal, foreshadowing the vacation experience you will most probably have. Our brushed brass tapware and towel rails take a bit of that Queensland sun and shine some extra warmth. Chris and Wendy are the owners, who keep everything immaculate to ensure that guests can unwind ’til there’s no tension left. 


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Cheer up, slow down, and chill out in another tremendously loved town called Byron Bay. Known for its free-spirited origins, the suburb has evolved into one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. 

Located just south of Byron, an architectural masterpiece called ‘The Arbour’ awaits your arrival. Eclectic on the inside and surrounded by trees on the outside, this Airbnb is fully equipped to handle six lucky guests. White ABI tapware dances through the bathrooms and kitchen, blending smoothly into the home’s sculptural panache.

Decked out with a plunge pool, Weber barbeque and lots more, this house by Sarah and Adam reflects the groove of the vivid town it lives in. 


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Dunsborough is one of those towns that still possesses an innate, unspoiled charm – the kind that poets love to capture. The smooth three-hour drive from Perth meanders through idyllic pastoral plains, where you’ll see some of Australia’s best wineries.

After you explore the curious coves and fantastic dining, ‘Melo Studios’ by Jessica and Michael will welcome your languorous soul. The ‘Eucalypt’ room is coloured with sage green, while the ‘Caesia’ room is a terracotta pink, themed after the leaves and flowers of the Eucalyptus Caesia tree.

Both are designed for the splendour of short holidays, with what is traditionally the living space innovatively combined into the kitchen, laundry and dining. Our brushed brass is a familiar face amongst the elegant landscape, with the Oscar Floor Mounted Bath Filler displaying its candy cane form while you soak long into the evening.


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