rustic modern mediterranean house with palm trees

An appealing hybrid of the classic, the modern, and the pleasingly unconventional, Mediterranean interior design is about building warm rustic character by emphasising indoor-outdoor living.

This layered grandeur is the appeal to achieving a Mediterranean interior design, which rather than being confined to one or two spaces, can seamlessly extend to almost every room of the home.

We explore the ways you can confidently achieve the look of a Mediterranean style house by drawing on inspiration and a little bit of imagination.


mediterranean outdoor shower with a natural stone wall

As its name suggests, Mediterranean interior design derives its inspiration from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Although predominantly popular in European countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece, this could just as easily include Turkey and Morroco, amongst the other 21 countries that embrace the region.

What gives Mediterranean style homes their earthy, characteristic warmth is a reliance on rustic sophistication. However, to achieve deeper authenticity, you need to delve into the specifics. Certainly, textured walls and exposed beams are part of it, but also curved ceilings, rattan chairs, sweeping staircases, and a decadent mix of ornate furnishings are very much part of it too.


mediterranean interior design with arched doorway and curved seating

With all this focus on character and tradition, you may assume Mediterranean interior design hinges primarily on the archaic. However, there is a modern element that can be introduced to maintain Mediterranean consistency as well.

This modernity encourages an alternative vitality that can augment your design. Introduce whites and beiges for your furniture to dial up the contemporary quality, try adding some compelling texture and play with continuous patterns in your flooring to help blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. All of this will ensure you achieve a modern Mediterranean house



Mediterranean decor speaks to the warm, the ramshackle, and the rustic. Intricately handcrafted pieces are to be admired, although the elegantly modern certainly has a place too.

So, consider experimenting with colours and contrasts that work within your existing space — whether that’s small and intimate or more spacious. An understated look is often best with a singular colour scheme, while furniture pairing helps to present a symmetrical look that adds definition.


mediterranean kitchen with a textured island and copper tap ware

To create a Mediterranean style you have to be prepared to let the rich and the rustic dominate your scheme. It’s about embracing any natural beams, exposed stone or brickwork, off-kilter mosaic tiles, and any other unconventional yet characterful focal points to build layers and inject an instant warmth. Also, consider layered decorative lighting fixtures to add a touch of the baroque.

This is not to say colour can’t be introduced to liven up your kitchen setting. On the contrary, a bright, pastel-coloured kitchen island amongst more natural stone and wood hues, for instance, would provide a fascinating contrast.


mediterranean bathroom with natural light and curved seating

Mediterranean bathrooms can be created in one of two ways. There’s the option to scale down with a traditional clean-cut look that seamlessly balances interiors and exteriors through natural light, or a more layered technique that introduces greater depth and warmth through well-chosen pieces.

Both approaches could easily take advantage of existing spaces by adding a focal feature, such as a clawfoot bathtub or dialling up the symmetrical possibilities with a double shower set. Consider terracotta for the floor tiles, an elaborate mosaic ceiling display or frame the space with well-positioned arched wall mirrors – all would instantly conjure up that Mediterranean feel.

Whatever your approach there’s a multitude of options to explore with Mediterranean bathrooms.

mediterranean bathroom with archway and textured walls

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