4 Quick & Easy Ways to Transform Your Bathroom

Renting?  Tight Budget?  Just plain old bored with your current bathroom look?
Have we got just the thing for your!  We’ve been thinking about some ways you can makeover your bathroom in just one weekend.
Get ready, this one will have you dreaming of things to give your bathroom a fresh, new look!

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We know the feeling, you’re sick of looking at your tired, boring bathroom.
We’re here to introduce you to some great ideas that will have your bathroom looking amazing in a matter of hours.
And even better news, most of this is DIY and budget friendly.
We can’t wait to show you what we’ve found!


Lets start off with Wallpaper.  Talk about everything old being new again…however, the wallpapers of modern day are sooo much better.  There is an astounding amount of designs available – be warned, you’ll probably have trouble choosing!  Plus, if you’re renting, you can also get removable wallpaper.  Not only is it easy to install, you can pull it down when you move out.  Your landlord won’t even know!  There’s heaps of tutorials on YouTube to help you with putting it up.  So give it a try this weekend.  Seriously, it will makeover your bathroom in a matter of a few hours.  You’re welcome!


You will need to call in the experts for this next tip – pendant lighting.  You can pick up some gorgeous pendant lighting online for next to nix.  So then it’s just the cost of the electrician to install.  But once they are in, you are free to change up the pendant covers whenever you like.  This is a bit of an investment upfront.  But just think of the opportunities to update the style, and makeover your bathroom room whenever you want.  This one’s a winner!

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Do you feel like your bathroom is a bit lifeless? There is however a simple solution.  Plants!  It couldn’t be easier than this.  One of the quickest, easiest and cost effective ways to makeover your bathroom is greenery.  It will literally breathe fresh life into your space.  But not just any old plant though.  There are a few plants that won’t like the bathroom environment.  However, there are loads that love that this warm, humid space.  Meanwhile, check out our earlier blog on which plants love the bathroom.


Another simple and cost effective way to makeover your bathroom is through styling.  Firstly, stalk your favourite designers or stylists socials for inspo.  You’ll soon see how quick and easy you can update the entire look of your bathroom.  Bring in patterned, textured, or coloured towels that suit the style of your space.  Secondly, don’t forget a new bathmat and handtowel.  These will also help to add softness, warmth and interest.  Something else that’s on-trend at the moment is toiletries.  Yep, even your shampoo, bodywash & handwash vessels are getting a makeover!  Sure, you can go and buy new dispensers.  But a lot of companies have realised that packaging matters.  They are enlisting designers to create gorgeous packaging.  So you know it’s going to look great in your bathroom!

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