Is your space in desperate need of a refresh, but you are unsure of where to start, why not look to the stars for some guidance? *prepare for more cheezy cliches*

Your sun sign defines your natural character or your ‘persona; it’s your default emotional state, directing how you move through the world, your outward and inward perceptiveness, the energies you attract, and your life calling or purpose(s).

However, your ascendant, also known as your rising sun, is how you portray yourself to the world; a telescope at which the world views you in. Considering your rising sun is not your core self, but the filter or mask that you have fashioned for external portrayal, it possesses an intense impact on your personal style.

Styling yourself and surrounds is more than a gust of wind in such capricious climates, it’s the fundamental practice of using this world as a canvas to express your individuality and authentic self.

From the day you were born, the world’s cosmic influence has altered, motivated, and empowered your personal interests. As lovers of a relatable passage that cures our weekly woes, or a fun graphic that places us into a likeminded collective – the celestial events from the time we were born, structure the way we live, so naturally, we understand a governing force over the way we design our home…even right down to what decor we choose.

Here’s ABI’s rundown on how your zodiac sign affects your home’s design and styling.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 to Jan 19)

Architectural style: Traditional

Character traits: Responsible, Ambitious, Disciplined

Likes: Practicality, Independence, Fairness, Laughter

Dislikes: Boastfullness, Fad-Trends, Superficiality

Favourite decorating colours: Earth tones, Greens, Neutrals

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Delightfully independent with a passion for splendid adventure. Traditional but full of love, Capricorns are conventional by nature but never miss a new opportunity or moment to grow. While they consider life to be quite serious, they often possess a quick-witted personality with a good sense of irony – a beautiful balance of practical playfulness. 

Capricorns thrive within comfort, constancy and consistency – living blissfully within life’s normalities rather than questioning their security. Just like their demeanour, their home should achieve the same balance and symmetry. 

Those who are born under this star sign no doubt appreciate the cosy warmth of a traditional home, and it’s rustic and historical details. A fireplace, organic arches, exposed brickwork, clean, classic and rigid lines with the balance of ample space and soothing colours suit their longing for convention and reliability.

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Aquarius (Jan 20–Feb 18)

Architectural style: Shabby-Chic

Character traits: Realist, Individualistic, Reasonable, Enlightened

Likes: Honesty, Friends, Innovation, Open Spaces

Dislikes: Hedonists, Conformity, Over-sharing

Colour Palette: Silver, Aqua, Blue

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Governed by the sun, you lead fiercely and thoughtfully. You are a free-spirit, passionate about spaces that are full of character and beautiful pieces. You appreciate the capacity of your imagination and treat every idea as a new possibility. 

A typical Aquarian home is an amalgamation of modern and minimalist decor that includes items that make a poignant and unique statement. Your colour palette revolves around the ocean, with an affinity for shades of blues, aqua and metallics.

Creativity flows freely in your home, but it’s best shown through a loving structure rather than an organised one. Continue to dance to the beat of your own drum, and seek out one-of-a-kind finds for your space that gratifies you. 

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Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20)

Architectural style: Coastal

Character traits: Easy-going, Idealistic, Romantic, Perceptive, Thoughtful

Likes: Spirituality, Meditation, Arts, Ocean

Dislikes: Decisiveness & Absolutism, Confined Spaces, Cynics

Colour Palette: Coral, Ocean Blues, Yellow, Brushed Nickel

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The Pisces is motivated by passion, reciprocity, and dreams – all coming together to create a beautiful enigma. Your wild heart dives deep and headfirst into opportunity – careless of how the rest of the world will perceive them. 

The Pisces seldom walks down the road of normality but masterfully incorporates trending styles in their decoration while staying true to their originality and character. 

You have an active imagination, and wear your heart on your sleeve – as a water sign, your ideal interior design style is both elegant and beachy. Welcome the elements of a tropical getaway with decor that reflect your vivacious personality.

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Aries (Mar 21–Apr 19)

Architectural style: Contemporary

Character traits: Energetic, Hospitable, Independent, Leaders

Likes: Variety, advent, Challenge, Fashion

Dislikes: Indecisiveness, Close-mindedness, 

Colour Palette: Reds, Orange, Violet, Brushed Copper

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A force to be reckoned with, you never do anything in halves. Bold, vibrant and full of spontaneity, the Aries is a natural leader and effortless charmer – a tremendous inspiration to many within your life. As you continue to move and shake-up this world, you are often turbulent and impulsive – not much around you stays the same for long periods. 

The Aries’ essence is – forward-thinking – emphasised in your approach with decor and design; you are attracted to the clean lines, up and coming trends as well as modern architecture. The fluidity of contemporary style allows you to merge and upbeat tone with personal comfort.

You like a sleek and fresh space with clean lines and striking pieces as your base – allowing you to switch up the vibe of your sanctuary as you wish. 

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Taurus (Apr 20–May 20)

Architectural Style: Sophisticated Rustic

Character traits: Generous, Dependable, Persistent, Romantic

Likes: Organisation, Artwork, Expression, Adventuring, Food

Dislikes: Insecurity, Close-mindedness, Normality

Favourite decorating colours: Tan, Brown, Beige, White and Brass

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Born to love and to be loved in return, the headstrong Taurus is a golden beam of light persisting within romantic and generous ventures. You are grounded in gratitude and wrapped in sweetness, a dependable character that won’t ever shy away from expressing yourself, wholly.

When you’re summoning items for your home, you may find yourself more attracted to higher-end furniture and goods, but only if they’re practical and comforting.

Known for focussing your attention towards tactile feelings, you can’t go wrong by seeking out textured and organic accents for your home. As a creative connoisseur, the Taurus is soothed when surrounded by artwork, self-expression and loved-ones. 

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Gemini (May 21–Jun 20)

Architectural Style: Provincial/Farmhouse

Character Traits: Sociable, Curious, Excellent Communicators

Likes: Conversation, Media, Fashion

Dislikes: Routine, Being Alone, Egotistical Personalities

Colour Palette: Cream, Tan, Grey, Blue, Laurel, Red

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Electric and all-consuming – you welcome a zest for life wherever you go. In-love with love, you are a gentle reminder of the importance to embrace our weaknesses and champion our strengths. The Gemini will make any place feel like home, offering the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. 

Never taking life too seriously, you thrive in light, playful and calming spaces, as a change of pace from your social demeanour a Provincial, Farmhouse style is guaranteed to revitalise oneself.

Your decorating should adhere to a comforting and cosy feel with decor that is full of charm and character – designed around a central notion of practicality. Think open space and high-end features that don’t take away from the soul in the room, but rather contribute to it.

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Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 22)

Architectural Style: Bohemian

Character traits: Sensitive, Nurturing, Appreciative, Thoughtful

Likes:  Family and Friends, Cooking, Socialising

Dislikes: Change, Conflict, Fad-Trends

Favourite decorating colours: Neutrals, White, Softened Pinks and Grey, Matte Black

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Ever-changing and deeply grounded by the senses of the universe, Cancer is a lover of physical expression and artistic behaviour. You are a natural nurturer, and undividedly sentimental when it comes to, family, friends and your home life. 

Just like the Boho style and its origins, you are often found expressing yourself through bold, statement pieces that have a profound and emotional connection to memories and people. Your star sign is synonymous to homeliness and hospitality – when people walk into a Cancer-curated space, they will feel instant comfort and ease. 

Design with elements that lend themselves to your caring nature – soft and round, versatile pieces. Listen to your heart when choosing the essentials – how does your space feel both physically and emotionally?

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Leo (Jul 23–Aug 22)

Architectural style: Mid-Century Modern

Character traits: Dramatic, Passionate, Proud, Generous 

Likes: Luxury, Romance, Entertaining, Being Creative

Dislikes: Darkness, Mundane Tasks & Repetitive Living

Favourite decorating colours: Gold, Orange, White

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A visionary that leads from the heart your spirit is effortless and determination, endless. The Leo radiates charm in a single flash of lightning; you are decisive, proud and wonderfully yourself. Ruled by the sun, a Leo’s lifestyle may be a tapestry of novel and exciting encounters, but at the end of the day, you crave warm and comforting places to wind-down in.

A fire sign with a passion for colour, a Leo will furnish their home with lively furniture and art. You thrive in positively charged conditions, and your home should be no different. Maximalists to the core, a Leo naturally gravitates towards the finer things in life to fill their space with.

Romantic and touches of elegance in interior design for any room of the house also appeal to Leo’s love of beautiful textures and luxurious surroundings.  

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Virgo (Aug 23–Sept 22)

Architectural style: Scandinavian

Character traits: Proud, Organised, Reliable, Protective, Kind

Likes: Cleanliness, Order, Family, Simplicity

Dislikes: Uncertainty, Clutter, Disruption

Colour Palette: Browns, Beige, Whites, Greys

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Your gentle character inspires love into the hearts of those around you with an unwavering strength that continues to carry the world. The Virgo empowers prioritisation, resourcefulness, thriving in an organised and transparent environment. Championed for their impeccable communication skills, the Virgo deals with information like a computer, transforming even the most convoluted assortment of things into organised, straightforward concepts.

Virgos take pride in their space, which combines an eye for cleanliness, order and adequate storage. A lover of neutral tones with laid-back touches, Virgos gravitate towards Scandi design and minimalist furniture. Clutter is almost non-existent, but if there is any, it presents itself in the form of a pile — a neat and organised pile. 

To bring life into a predominantly white space, try stylising with fresh flowers, books, vases, and pops of colour in your fixtures. 

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Libra (Sept 23–Oct 22)

Architectural Style: Transitional 

Character traits: Indecisive, Sociable, Diplomatic, Passionate, Idealistic

Likes: Balance, Luxury, Aesthetic, Trends

Dislikes: Untidiness, Discord, Close-mindedness, Negativity

Colour Palette: Neutrals and soft, muted colours, especially blues, 

ABI Product & Finish: Elysian 3-Way Commercial Filtered Tap in Stainless Steel

You are fairness, kindness and grace above all else. Your natural harmony and socialite spirit allow you to observe and understand things that others cannot. You welcome the winds of change in your gentle stride – effortlessly inviting new beginnings into your evergreen and everchanging world.

Your transitional style is born on the breath of various trends, and home decor brought together simultaneously to create a cohesive design in one room.

A social and caring type of person, Libras will build a house around the functions that serve their character best — primarily, their social life. Ample space for a dining room table, cosy couches and an entertaining outdoor area are all top priorities for Libras. 

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Scorpio (Oct 23–Nov 21)

Architectural Style: Hamptons

Character traits: Ambitious, Passionate, Curious, Assertive, Idealist

Likes: Love, Socialising, Expressing Individuality, Media

Dislikes: Instability, Cynnicsm, Superficiality, Repition

Favourite decorating colours: Red, Brown, White, Blue

ABI Product & Finish: Henley Double Fluted Farmhouse Sink 

Intense with the vivaciousness of a mighty storm – Gentle with the soft awakening of a loving hug from an old friend. Scorpios are an enigmatic wild flame, defined by their compelling and confident attitude – at times they may seem firm, but they are usually harder on themselves. Beneath your steel exterior, you possess a magnetism that drives ambition and powers your dreams.

A purveyor of truth and lover of being right, Scorpios will take their forthright attitude into their home and stick with it – making the Hamptons style the perfect design scheme.

When designing a home, Scorpios should create a beautiful space to express their emotional depth and lust for elegance. This can be achieved with the welcoming, luxurious fabrics to create warmth and high-class finishes for a touch of 

A soothing bedroom that features meticulous attention to detail, high-quality furniture, and some bold pieces – understand the base of your vision and build from there.

Communication is critical for Scorpios, especially when it comes to those within their intimate circles. 

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Sagittarius (Nov 22–Dec 21)

Architectural Style: Upbeat Industrial

Character traits: Adventurous, Optimistic, Leader, Determined

Likes: Luxury, Romance, Mystery, Order

Dislikes: Instability, Ignorance, Limitation

Favourite decorating colours: Red, Brown, White, Blue

ABI Product & Finish: Colour Samples

You understand the full power of your mind with an energy that inspires us all to dream big. The Saggitarius will never back down for something they wholeheartedly believe in – an anchor that grounds all possibilities. You are passionate, seductive, and not afraid to go great lengths to achieve your goals; no idea is too big.

Many people under this sign have chosen the Industrial style as their favourite as a forward-thinking, empowered and chic design. Don’t be afraid to invest in elements that you haven’t worked with before. Be bold with colours, and if you can add details of exposed brickwork, metal or cement into your space… that’s a bonus!

Sagittarians have a very open outlook on life, and this is reflected in their love for new experiences and encounters. Invite that very zeal into your home by keeping the space available and as uncluttered as possible for any novel opportunity or feature that might walk into your life. 

A soothing bedroom that features meticulous attention to detail, high-quality furniture, and some bold pieces – understand the base of your vision and build from there.

As adventurous and curious people, we couldn’t tie you down to one product…so how about some colour samples to get you started?


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