Going Boho with My Burleigh Reno

Defining the unconventional and welcoming a unique take on elegance, the Bohemian style has taken the interior design world by storm – with its colourful characteristics found in some of the most avant-garde locations and quaint escapes. Before being adopted into pop culture, Boho was often misrepresented as ‘obscure hippie fashion’; disheartening people from experimenting with its colourful persona.  Now, we see more homes accessorised with Turkish rugs, and rustic fittings – becoming a fan-favourite amongst interior designers and renovation crusaders.

Curating your space with Boho-inspired looks offer a multi-cultural collaboration of unique, striking layers, and features that guarantee to never go unnoticed. Boho-style celebrates the wandering creative and unique artist within; allowing us to embrace our personal style and lust for design while paying homage to the much-loved eccentric concept.

We completely understand that Boho’s worldly spirit and stylistic chaos can be overwhelming for some. So, to help you curate your dream Boho bathroom, we have generated a list of tips and tricks with Gold Coast home-improvement guru, Alicia Curtis from My Burleigh Reno to help you design an effortlessly eccentric ‘Boho-inspired’ bathroom.