It’s a common bathroom problem.  So which would you choose?  We take a look at Freestanding vs. Built-In Bathtub

The humble bathtub can be a contentious issue.  Include it, or ditch it?
If you’re keeping it, there’s a few decisions to make.  Freestanding bathtub OR Built-In bathtub?
Lucky for you, we’ve done some research!
We’ve got the low down on choosing the perfect option for your next project.

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Freestanding Pro’s

The introduction of freestanding bathtubs has been a real game changer in bathroom design.
As a result, our bathrooms can now look like an expensive day spa.  They give the space a sense of luxury and tranquility.
Now more than ever, we want our homes to be a sanctuary.  Which is another reason to choose a freestanding bathtub!
Usually a freestanding bathtub is the showstopper.  So ensure you choose an amazing bath filler or bath spout t to compliment it.

Freestanding Con’s

We certainly love the look and feel of a freestanding bathtub.  However, there can be a few drawbacks.
This option will use up quite a lot of your floorplan. So make sure it’s size is in proportion with your space.
Generally, they also will need more water to fill.  Therefore, this is another thing to consider when choosing the final size.
Also, depending on the position of the bathtub, they can be difficult to clean around.

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Built-In Pro’s

If you’re renovating an older home, there’s probably an existing built-in bathtub.  So you’ll be saving money by keeping that format.
All you will need to do is update the surrounding tiles and tapware.  Therefore, the updates should also be quicker.
Another bonus of a built-in bathtub is a shelf or ledge.  This certainly comes in handy for storing your bathing essentials.
AND for some cute styling pieces!

Built-In Con’s

To some, the built-in bathtub can seem like an outdated style or trend.  Which is food for thought if you’re renovating to sell.
Also, if you’re renovating you may find hidden water leaks.  If your tub or tapware has been leaking, your framework maybe damaged.  Additional repairs may affect your budget.
Proportionally, a built-in is more suited to a smaller space.  So if you have a generous sized bathroom, a standard built-in tub could look out of place.
There are not as many styles, sizes or designs of built-in bathtubs.  As a result, this can limit your design options.

At The End of The Day…

The battle between freestanding and built-in bathtubs is a personal one.  Certainly, there are good and bad factors for each.
Above all, make sure you understand the floorplan and space.  Proportion is a major factor in the key to a successful bathroom.
But a bathtub is one of life’s little luxuries.  So if you include one, either way, you can’t loose.
Which option did you choose in your bathroom?  What other factors did you consider?  We’d love to hear your tips or see your pics, so make sure you tag us in, or drop us a line!