If we had to encapsulate the entire home renovation process in one word, we would say – daunting….no, traumatic, no, rewarding…stressful maybe? There’s something really wonderful about transforming a blank space, an outdated property or simple room, but the road to a flawlessly renovated home seldom runs smoothly.

It can be easy to fall into the pit of renovator-blues by creating and overlooking quite easily-avoidable errors – turning what should be your dream home into a disaster zone!

Whether you’re planning on renovating to flip and profit or are striving to transform something simple into the forever family home of your dreams, renovating a humble abode or large estate is a monumental task.

To prepare you for the journey ahead, we have accumulated five well-known renovating mistakes, with tips and tricks on how to avoid them.


No matter how big or small your plans may be, having a conceptualised design scheme imagined is crucial. 

 “But ABI, we are only doing some elementary modifications, why would I need a plan for this when I know exactly what I want?”

We say:

  1. Gather inspiration
  2. Create and refine your scope
  3. Understand your theme and design style
  4. How will the space function and flow?
  5. Set your goals and strategise – what do you want to achieve and how you will do it?

Plan and prepare, and you will have a much more successful building experience. The more planning you do in the establishment phase, including arranging your ideas on paper, the easier the next stages will be.


While a full-house makeover seems simple enough on TV, the reality is a bit more frightening – and so is the cost. According to the Renovations Roundup report from Housing Industry Association (HIA), half of all renovations in Australia are estimated between $40,000 and $300,000.

We recommend working backwards; begin with the value of the property, then get an idea of how much you think your house will be worth, and finally, understand how much you are willing to leverage into the renovation.

Really assess what you would like to do with your renovation and each room, and build concepts around a specific budget to avoid overcapitalisation. 

Be sure to shop around your local contractors and get quotes in writing from at least three builders and trades – ask them to be clear about what their craft does, and does not include.


It is the question hanging over every eager new homeowner’s head: “How much can I actually do myself?”

Many first time homeowners jump into new projects with little-to-no knowledge of what each task requires, only to discover halfway through that they haven’t purchased the appropriate supplies or simply don’t have the tools or knowledge/experience necessary.

A professional builder will tell you exactly what materials you will need and how much everything will cost. The professionals will be equipped with essential and much-needed tools, which saves you from having to buy equipment.

DIY jobs can often lead to paying more than a professional would charge, subsequently devaluing your property if they aren’t accurately amended. 

Do the research on what best suits your skill set and resources, but we can almost say every time – leave it to the professionals.


Saving a few dollars in the present moment may not be so wise in the long term. 

Consider investing in quality fixtures in your kitchen, laundry and bathroom such as bath spouts, cabinetry pulls, door handles and kitchen mixers. Items that are for everyday use are worth spending big on to guarantee that you have a good quality product.

Boasting a luxurious appearance and sturdy, long-lasting construction, ABI Interiors fixtures guarantee a more enjoyable home to live in when you move around each space, using our appliances. 

Investing in high-end fixtures will mean fewer repairs and replacements – leaving you with good looking pieces that last longer.

An added bonus for renovating to sell is that fitting your home with high-quality fixtures will oblige a greater price from the market and better incentive for eager buyers.


We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – stay cautious of the Pinterest House; 99% of the time that look and style will only remain popular until the next aesthetically pleasing trend comes along. 

Bringing together a home full-to-the-brim of every trend under the sun – be it anything from open shelving to popular metals — can produce, at the least a very disorienting and disordered looking home and at the most, a very expensive letdown.

We too, fall victim to wanting every gorgeous home that we see on Pinterest to manifest into a reality in our home. However, make sure you design for function first, and looks second. There is no point to having a flawless home if it doesn’t work for you and your others who live here. 


But it will be so worth it. Be prepared for the unexpected, life’s distractions, the inevitable mistakes and things that sometimes…we just can’t control.

When you’re in the middle of a renovation or remodel, it may seem that the process is taking longer, costing more, or becoming more stressful than it’s worth. But in reality, each day brings you closer and closer to the dream home you’ve always wanted—and that’s something to look forward to.

We would love to see your renovation journey slowly come to life – send us your progress pictures on Instagram @abiinteriors or tag us in your posts using the ABI hashtag – #AbiYourWay.