For years I have been told that the early bird gets the worm – and it all sounds so simple until you have to face the waking up part. Is it possible to change the ways of a night-owl?

In a perfect world, we would all be morning people. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. The circus that is my life juggles a full-time workload, part-time social life, sparse creative hustles and a ‘good effort’ sticker against my family-time.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of becoming a morning person – I have never been someone to indulge in the ‘AM’, and I don’t know if my genealogy pool has afforded me that luxury.

The internet presents us with unrealistic and unattainable nuggets of information for us to follow, such as:

  1. Eat a big, nourishing breakfast that will most likely take you 30 minutes to make and 1hr to clean up.
  2. Exercise in the morning, and lay out all your gym clothes the night before. It simply MUST be a scenic jog otherwise, did you even work out?
  3. Drink 1L of water. Perhaps, a squeeze of lemon?
  4. Write everything in your $50 gratitude journal.
  5. Meditate for 30 minutes.

To welcome some sage advice amongst a sea of impractical guides, here are five achievable and sustainable steps to reaching the near-mythical status of becoming a morning person (experimented by a not-so-morning-person).


Set three alarms 30 mins before you actually need to get up. The first alarm lets me know that I have 15 more minutes to sleep, which makes me happy. The second alarm warns me that I have an unyielding time of 15 minutes to check my phone – once my 15 minutes is up, the final alarm rings, the phone goes down, and I get up.

This may seem ridiculous, but I am a slave to the snooze button.

What worked – Putting my phone someplace I would have to walk to, to turn off the alarm.


Just like the beautiful marriage of sweet and savoury snacks, get yourself out of bed looking forward to something by combining your daily exercise with your morning coffee or brekkie. Jazzercise, bike ride, walk, jog or interpretive dance your way to an oat milk latte – our only tip is to the find something that you genuinely ENJOY doing so it keeps you motivated to persist and won’t feel like a burden.

What worked – Riding to a cheeky Almond Croissant and Iced Latte.


When you go grocery shopping, think about meals that you can whip in the morning – something that excites your taste buds but takes no longer than 10 minutes to make. Although I am a lover of all carbs, big and small, focus on a meal that nourishes you for the entire morning. Protein heavy food facilitates wakefulness while carbohydrates aid in promoting brain chemicals that make us sleepy. Jump out of bed tomorrow morning looking forward to your fantastical protein breakfast.

What worked. – Fried egg on Avo Toast with Spinach (go crazy and add some vegemite).


Motivating my self with aesthetic products that I was excited to use was another great way to get myself of bed. Investing in a functional yet fulfilling skin-care routine enthuses you as well as assists in making your already flawless face, flawless all day long.

What worked – A pastel-lovers dream, the Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit is exquisite on the eyes on the skin. Beautiful brands with an ethical formula and production-line are my cup of tea.


A curated list of killer tracks for your morning is to sure to set the tone for a fantastic day ahead. Indulging in music with positive lyrics and a lively beat is said to shift our lacklustre state of being into an energised and productive mood.

What worked – Wake Up by Spotify USA – this playlist is scientifically designed to get you up-and-at-’em in the morning.


We can understand and appreciate that any random act of kindness benefits those who are subject to your selflessness. No matter how significant or insignificant your generous attempts may seem, those acts of kindness help you lead a more peaceful and fulfilled day-to-day.

What worked – Letting people merge in front of me on my morning commute and then getting the wave of thanks – MADE MY DAY!