2021 may have been yet another year of uncertainty; however, it once again encouraged us to better appreciate the calm, soothing, psychologically rewarding qualities of nature.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, going green by reflecting the outside world in our interior design appears to be one of the running themes for 2022. However, it’s not just earthy tones that will be embraced; there’s a spectrum of exciting colours that will equally see the light of day and brighten our horizons.

We explore the 2022 colour forecast to help ensure your interior design hits the high mark this year for those who want to stay on-trend.


A callback to nature’s soothing and revitalising qualities is certainly something that will be implemented throughout 2022. Finding comfort in the natural world is one reason we’ll continue to go green and earthy this year.

Whether that means incorporating more hints of the outside through biophilic design or ensuring earthy colours pop up and remain consistent in our decor, we’ll be getting back to our green roots for sure.

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After such a claustrophobic and hectic 2020/2021, being drawn to something altogether more mellow like yellow makes absolute sense. That longing for instantly refreshing citrus hues is something you can certainly expect to see reappear throughout interior design this year.

It may be a bold choice, but colours as lively and vivid as mustard yellow, caramel and blood orange are guaranteed to make a comeback. This will lead to exciting and lively schemes that will reinvigorate the senses, according to the colour forecast 2022.


We certainly don’t want to disappoint minimalists, but brilliant white may no longer do in 2022. This is due to the nostalgic playfulness of colour coming across in a big way this year, instantly dismissing the sometimes cold and clinical aura that white can promote.

Now it’s time to evolve from white’s sometimes too serious clear-cut mentality and embrace the warm, delicious, (yes delicious!) exciting complexities and endlessly glorious possibilities of colour.


Despite the level of enthusiasm for bold and brilliant colours, there remains comfort in those warm neutrals due to their cozier nature. As our world has become more interior-based, we have learned to define our spaces with the recognisable warmth of creamy whites and beiges. It may ring counter to colour, but neutrals are a reasonably reassuring compromise given our often indecisive contemporary climate.


The best way to accomplish your on-trend look in 2022 is to book a design consultation with our team. They will guide you through the various options and strategically incorporate some of our unique product range too. You can book an appointment here.