Here it is…Our expert guide on finding your signature style and choosing Tapware that suits you best!

Having trouble finding your signature style?  Need help with tapware styles, colours and what will work best in your space?
Well, you’re in the right place!  Here at ABI, we get asked lots of Questions about our Tapware…
So we’ve put together a complete guide to help you find the perfect tapware that will suit your style & budget!

What’s Your Signature Style?

Do you know your own personal style?  You may know your style when it comes to clothing, furnishings or homewares, but choosing tapware styles can be a little more tricky to pin down…
There is a lot to think about when choosing tapware, and it can become a little intense, even for the most experienced designers, builders and renovators.
Our tip when it comes to choosing tapware is to begin with a vision board.  A little different to a mood board, a vision board should align with the style of the rest of your home so your new tapware will seem cohesive with the surrounding spaces.
Let’s put it this way…if you are designing a Hamptons style home, something like Matte Black tapware in the kitchen may not suit the rest of your palette and materials.
Try using Instagram, Pinterest and magazines to create the overall vision for the space, and then use it as a base to start your search.

Tell Us About Your Project

Did you know that here at ABI, we offer FREE Design Consultations?  Yep, that’s right – absolutely free.  We simply love interiors and our expert Sales Team have extensive knowledge and experience when it come to assisting you with choosing tapware.
Start by gathering your Vision Board, Mood Board, builder or architects plans, along with  any other samples or swatches of materials you are considering using, and get in touch with us…
We’ll help you decide on a few options that we think could work in your space.  We’re also on board with your budget, so just let us know and we’ll make sure we keep things on track there too!
So try and keep an open mind about what you think you would like, along with what fits within your budget and we’ll make sure your choice is suitable for the application your planning on using it for.  Say for example, a fixed spout over a laundry sink may not be the best option, we may suggest something like a more functional wall mounted swivel spout.
We’ll give you the heads up if something may not be practical or functional for the application you are planning.

Which Tapware is Right For The Project?

While it’s great to know what your personal style is, the final decision on choosing tapware can be difficult.  There are a few factors that will determine the final choice, making sure it’s not only stylish, but functional as well.
You may like a certain style of tapware and want to carry it through your entire home, but there are a few different types of tapware that you will need to choose from, such as:

Wall Mounted OR Basin Mixer Tapware – this decision may come down to existing plumbing or budget.  if you prefer to leave plumbing where it is, this could limit your options.  But don’t worry, if it’s wall mounted or a basin mixer you are looking for, we have lots of options to suit either application!

Kitchen Tapware – Did you know that our range of kitchen tapware can be used in multiple zones?  Kitchen, Laundries and even bathrooms, they are truly versatile!

Laundry Tapware – you may want a benchtop mounted mixer, or maybe a wallmounted mixer & spout set is more practical?  Make sure you think about the position of the spout.  Do you need full access to the laundry tub?  Maybe opt for a swivel wall mounted spout to give you more options.  Or a pull out bench mounted mixer for extra functionality and cleaning options…

Single Progressive Mixer OR Mixer Sets – do you prefer a minimal look, maybe a single progressive mixer is for you.  With less ‘handles’ it is both stylish and functional.  Or if you want to make more of a statement, take a look at mixer sets.  This is more like a traditional hot and cold handle and spout in the middle.  Great for young children or if you are after a more classic feel

Feel Free to Try New Things

You may look at your existing space and think that you have to design a similar bathroom, kitchen or laundry and that you are bound by what’s already there.  However, if you have any room in the budget and you like the look of something different, we say go for it!
At the end of the day, it’s usually quite simple for a plumber to alter your existing plumbing, so you can achieve exactly what you want.  The main concern is the additional cost of plumbing work. Tapware is generally a similar price for either wall mounted or benchtop mounted, so dream away!!
Basically, if you see it in a glossy design magazine, on Instragram or Pinterest, chances are, you can re-create a similar look in your own home.  It simply comes down to your budget, choosing tapware that suits your style, and is correct for that particular application.
So don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!
If you need extra support, feel free to call our helpful Sales Team and talk to them about your project.  We’ve go staff with design, renovation and technical experience, so we are confident that we can assist in finding a solution to help you with choosing tapware for your next project!

So what are you waiting for…Get in touch with us today! 

Still Can’t Decide – Sample It!

If you’re still not sure, we recommend purchasing a few samples of our finishes, so you can really see how they look and feel.
Nothing beats the real thing, and our Customers are always surprised at how the look and feel of all our products are always better than the samples and what they had imagined.
This makes us so happy, but if you order your pieces and they’re not exactly what you imagined, we have a fuss-free returns policy…so you’ve got nothing to lose.
Go ahead, order some samples, contact us for a Sales Assistance or come and visit our Showroom – you won’t be disappointed!