The idea of a black bathroom may be misleading. Rather than be overwhelmed by the all-encompassing darkness it suggests, you should instead consider it for its more subtle monochromic possibilities. In other words, touches of black can achieve wonders too.

Therefore, you should approach a black bathroom design as an opportunity to push the proverbial boundaries, to go against the grain and experiment with bold contrasts to achieve something spectacular. Let’s explore the various ways you can implement black into your bathroom to deeply enhance its aesthetic and bring a new personality into the space.


Providing an engaging contrast could be one of the unique distinctions of your black bathroom. While it may be tempting to go bold and dramatic, it’s often a better idea to start subtly with a black bathroom and build steadily from there. Playing to the strengths of minimalism could be a good starting point.

You could paint a wall black to introduce depth into your design, then slowly strengthen the theme by incorporating brushed brass tapware and accessories like towel rails, robe hooks, shower shelves and soap holders, toilet roll holders and even toilet brush holders.

Alternatively, a white wall would work perfectly against matte black tapware and these accessories too.


The impact of black tile bathrooms and how they work to strengthen architectural confidence in a predominantly white space cannot be overemphasised. This aesthetic power can be wielded from both black wall tiles and black floor tiles, and with a stylish white basin sink and freestanding bath, you have a winning interior design combination that plays to these strengths of contrast.

Equally compatible with the characteristics of a blacked bathroom are mosaics that can help to provide distinction in your space. Mirrors and light are ideas to further the interior design personality of a black bathroom without it becoming overly melancholy. That’s not to say mood shouldn’t be discouraged in a black bathroom.


A black tapware bathroom is often enough to capitalise on the qualities of this design aesthetic without unintentionally emphasising its sometimes gloomy, claustrophobic tendencies. Therefore, matte black tapware and accessories provide the perfect compromise to achieving the look without overdramatising it.

Consider the appealing contrast of a white basin sink and freestanding bath with matte black tapware working the space. Or a matte black shower set against striking white tiles. Alternatively, you could flip the aesthetic and go for a black stone basin sink with equal matte black tapware but perhaps keep your bathroom vanity a lighter shade to strengthen your space. A matte black wall mirror could become the perfect finishing touch too. We also range matte black shower heads, hand showers like the Kobi and the Vino, matte black wall spouts, and floor mounted bath fillers.

However, you shouldn’t limit your tapware finish options. Both brushed brass tapware and conventional chrome tapware can make an equally impactful impression with a predominantly black bathroom design.


Don’t let creating a black bathroom be a daunting process. Get in touch with our incredible team to help you achieve the best matte black bathroom for your space.

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