Choosing a feature tile for your bathroom can be tough

When it comes to choosing tiles for any space in your home, there are loads of options.
As a result, choosing a feature tile for your bathroom has reached a whole new level!  Style, functionality, size, budget, laying pattern…
Never fear, we got you!  Check out some of our top hints and tips for choosing the perfect feature tile for your bathroom.

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Find Your Style

Trust us, we know that everyone has a certain style.  So when it comes to choosing a feature tile, it’s an important decision. Because this tile is going to have a big impact.  However, don’t order anything yet.  Take a look through your inspo pics.  Have you been pinning fresh, white bathrooms?  Maybe you’re into coastal boho (like us!)  Or you’ve been dreaming of a modern, graphic space?  Start to narrow it down.  Try doing it by colour first.  Then size.  Maybe even by texture.  Whatever your style, there is a feature tile just for you!

Check The Budget

Unfortunately, the budget sometimes guides your choices. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  There are plenty of feature tiles to go round.  Firstly, start with your local retailers.  Take a look around, touch and feel them.  Maybe order samples from online retailers. Then start talking to your tiler.  Make sure your feature tile isn’t going to cost a bomb to lay.  The size and laying configuration is a major part of your labour cost.  For example, mosaic and small format tiles are generally more expensive to lay.  But if you only have a small area, it’s well worth the investment.

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Grout Decisions

Almost as important as the tile itself, is the grout you choose.  Sounds a bit dramatic right.  But the type and colour of grout can change your entire bathroom.   Traditional or Epoxy grout?  Colour match or contrast?  For example, if you want your tile shape and laying pattern to stand out, go for a grout that is 2-3 shades darker than the tile .  If you want a more organic look, choose a neutral white or sand coloured grout. Grout now comes in an array of colours.  Your tiler should have colour samples.  By seeing it against your actual tile, you will see which one suits best.

Don’t Stress

We hope this has given you some food for thought.  Choosing a feature tile doesn’t have to be stressful.
Just try following some of our tips.  Secondly, try and have fun with it.  Let your new bathroom reflect your personality.
What’s your fave bathroom feature tile?  We love seeing what you create!  So remember, tag us on your latest projects.