Bathroom Renovation – 6 Top Budget Tips For First Time Renovators


When renovating your bathroom you want to get a clear idea of what you are wanting and your bathroom renovation cost. The reason for this is a clearer goal and understanding will save you and the contractor time, money and headache.

  • Search through Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram & Google Images
  • Create boards and start saving images that inspire you
  • Allow enough time to come back to your saved images to think & review the boards to determine what you’re really wanting


This is an important part of the bathroom renovation process, you want to determine how you would like your bathroom laid out.

  • Try to find a lay out that is the most similar to your exisiting bathroom. This way you save money on relocating electrics, plumbing and other services

  • Try to leave drains in place to avoid having to remove any concrete to re-run sewer lines. However, you may be able to swap around the shower, vanity and bath as these will most likely share the same drain.

  • Start drafting your proposed layout on paper or on the computer (eg. Google Sketchup)


The reason we mentioned the previous points is that if you have more of an idea of what you’re wanting this will make for a smoother process when you start talking with builders and getting quotes. We guarantee it will save you time, money & headache if you have a more clear idea of what you want and a understanding of what is involved. It will also show the contractor that you have a basic idea of the process.

  • Post your job on trade websites such as OneFlare, Hi Pages and/or Service Seeking. This takes the hard work out of calling builders, and has a fast response
  • We recommend getting 3-5 quotes.
  • Be prepared. Put together a small checklist with all the points you want to get across when meeting with the contractors. Click here to get an instant email of our Bathroom Renovation Checklist. (check junk and clutter inboxes)


Things to consider when you are choosing your fixtures and fittings.

  • Do you have a set shape in mind like round or square.

  • Do you have a specific colour in mind?

  • What size tiles are you wanting? (Ensure you check this with your builder so you don’t get a cost surprise.)

  • What has your builder allowed for in their “Prime Cost” (PC) items. You want to check that allowances are sufficient to purchase the products you want.

  • Would you like a shower head and hand shower combo? or just one or the other

  • Are any of the products you have chosen (shower rooms or baths) that may not fit through the doorway?

  • Are you wanting a wall mounted vanity? If the existing vanity is floor mounted check with your plumber or contractor the cost of relocating pipe work to suit a wall mounted vanity. Its certainly not a hard job and usually only a small cost to do this.


We have found the most important thing to check is exclusions. This may be painful to sift through the quotes but it is important to know you are getting what you think you are getting

  • Did the builder mention how long the project will take in their quotation?
  • How detailed is the quotation? More effort in their quote generally means more effort in their work.
  • Have they stated an allowance for “PC ITEMS” – these are things like fixtures, fittings, tiles & cabinets. Cross check the exact amount of these allowances.

  • What disclaimers have they put?

  • How did you feel when you met them? Were they helpful, ettentive and knowledgeable?


This is where the fun begins! You have many decisions to make but we have made it easy for you! Click here to get an instant email of our Checklist. (Make sure to check your junk or clutter inbox)

Check out our FREE bathroom renovation cost calculator! We really hope that we have been able to add some value and provide some useful information for your next project. Every bathroom and situation is different however all the tips and tricks you can get the better. There are tons of information online and videos you can watch online to assist you further with basic knowledge for your first bathroom renovation. If you feel this information is useful to someone you know we would love for you to share this article! If you are looking to do a minor bathroom update we found a great article with some top tips

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